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The erotic is the universal foundation of personal growth in Love.

I am immortal. And so are you if you choose to be.

It is through salvation that we come to understand and experience personal immortality.

Our pastfathers believed and taught that salvation occurred as an escape from mortal death.

Today we understand that true salvation is escape from personal inner fear and uncertainty.

Salvation occurs when we act in accordance with our highest and deepest understanding of our role in an event.

We have done the best that we could do, and we hope to learn how to not repeat our errors.

Our soul expands in an upwelling of emotional confirmation, as we understand that we have made the right choice.

Through this repeated experience we gain inner peace and confidence, increasingly placing our trust in the guidance of our super-consciousness, our higher mind function.

We increasingly learn to turn over the more complex moral judgments we are called to make to our super-consciousness.

In time our personality becomes more active in the super-consciousness, where we are increasingly aware of the directions of Truth.

As our center of choice becomes accustomed to the resources and power of the super-consciousness, our sense of identity increasingly shifts into this higher level.

And with our identity settled in our super-consciousness, yet still intimately associated with our mortal avatar, we begin to understand how we exist.

We come to understand and foresee that our personal existence can continue forever, as long as we are provided an avatar by the cosmic government to act on behalf of our personality.

For in the animation of our soul as the directing mind of our new avatar, our super-conscious identity is enabled again to interact with literal realities, that is, restored to life.

This is not remarkable. This is the way the universe works.

We are born to mature and develop increased awareness of the super-conscious, to build a soul.

And that soul is the essence of who we were as mortals—what good we attempted, what beauty we produced—the actual record of the power in our lives of embraced Truth, of the satisfaction of Love.

And as we continue to exist and experience and choose Truth as post mortals, our soul continues to grow as a record of our personal experiences.

Nothing is more essential to the upward transfer of identity consciousness than for the lower consciousness to trust and learn from the higher.

We learn this trust by experiencing the reality of joyful, cooperative engagement between the lower and higher mind, while the fundamental union is affirmed in shared joy.

Worshipful embrace of the erotic provides each of us with direct, personal affirmation of the joyful power that penetrates our being to the most basic level and results in salvation—the progressive transfer of self identity to the super-consciousness.

The process of salvation does not make us immortal—our immortality is a part of the natural path of experiential maturation throughout the universe.

The process of salvation increases our consciousness of our own potential immortality.

The individual levels of spiritual maturity recorded in our souls are carried onward intact, so that the positive aspects of personal growth are never lost and continue to accrue throughout our eternal adventure.

We all face vast distances to travel in preparing and perfecting ourselves for an unknown eternal destiny.

At every level we will find prepared for our experience a literal, physical mode for expression of interpersonal love, of worship of the inner power of spiritual joy.

The erotic is the universal foundation of personal growth in Love.

Join me today and forever in the worship of the power of erotic joy.

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