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The erotic is the universal foundation of personal growth in Love.

Just as your embrace of salvation from uncertainty is sustained by your worship of erotic joy, the certainty of your choices is validated by this same sublime source.

Before understanding erotic joy, you were accustomed to checking to see if the result of some effort turned out as intended so you could be assured you achieved your intent.

In the past, you might have compared what happened to what you hoped would happen to modify your effort to achieve a future outcome more to your liking.

But if you start out hoping for a result that is not possible or appropriate to your needs, or is over-planned with irrelevant detail, you will always be disappointed.

But what are appropriate results that are possible to achieve through the worshipful embrace of erotic joy?

Such results are necessarily limited to transformations of your own inner viewpoint or attitude, since your inner experience holds no power over the external world.

If you expect anything other than greater understanding, greater insight, and greater ability to apply living Truth in the satisfaction of Love, you will be disappointed.

You must learn to expect and recognize that each worshipful experience of erotic joy brings you one small step further on the path of personal fulfillment.

The entire process of choice becomes progressively more automatic as you draw increased inspiration from erotic joy.

So you come to grow in the ability to automatically make choices consistent with the desires of Love, expressed by doing Good and making Beauty, as directed by Truth.

You experience, first, your salvation from uncertainty; then, recognition of your own immortality; and, finally, satisfaction of victory in your quest.

Persistence in worship of erotic joy is the key that brings you to the true climax of human life—victory.

Victory? Over what?

Victory is closure provided by your finally experiencing and understanding how the process of personal vitological (spiritual) growth actually works.

Such victory gives you control over your actions and directs them to serve the purposes of cosmic love, for you have made erotic joy, the most basic expression of cosmic love, the driving power of your being.

When you have thus committed your feeling biohost to the exclusive expression of Love through Truth in action, when your feeling body has placed its will to action under the exclusive and complete direction of this super-consciousness, you can rest secure in the knowledge that you will forever act and live in harmony with the universe.

Worship of erotic joy provides the intuitive guidance that enables personality integration across physical, mental, and vitological levels.

And this enables you to function as an expression of the will of the Supreme Being—a synthesis comprising the developing total of the living experience of all beings throughout all space and time.

The erotic is the universal foundation of personal growth in Love.

Join me today and forever in the worship of the power of erotic joy.

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