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The erotic is the universal foundation of personal growth in Love.

If you play by the rules, is there any sense in which you can “win the game of life?”

Were you someone who is hopeless, thinking that the game ends with all the players dead and buried in the ground, you might value yourself in terms what you did while you were alive, though that is only relevant while you yet live.

You may have amassed a great fortune, built huge companies, accomplished visionary philanthropies, made great discoveries, or had thousands of friends, but your body is still dead, apparently along with everyone else’s.

Nothing can have any personal meaning for you dead. Your deceased biohost will not be aware of or remember anything.

Meaning comes from the values and ideals you have experienced and affirmed in mortal life, which define your immortal super-consciousness.

But if essentially everyone has the opportunity for immortality, can’t everyone win the game?

To answer this, you must ask what it means to win.

Since all have the opportunity for immortality, becoming immortal is NOT winning the game.

Understanding and embracing your own immortality is required if you are to play the game at all.

Given that, at the end of life of the biohost of your super-consciousness, does it make sense to speak of winners?

Yes, but there are no real losers, since all who will themselves to survive will do so.

Believing in immortality doesn’t make you immortal—nor is it necessary for you to be immortal—but once having desired immortality you have imported a lasting new meaning into your life.

Your ability to conceive of and desire immortality makes you a potential immortal—choosing to become what you desire—and demonstrating this choice by continuing to live, grow, and serve.

And you already know that the worshipful pursuit of erotic joy is the thread that unites the infinitude of events in your eternal quest.

In a very real sense, you have a score in the game of life at every occasion—before and after biohost separation.

Your score is based on your contribution to the four supreme ideals—Love, Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.

Beauty is disclosed in your ability and effort to create harmonious arrangements that work together for expression of a common ideal.

Goodness reflects the value of your service to Love and Truth, expressed as service to your fellow humans—to serve another as you would be served yourself.

Truth is the will that directs your actions for the accomplishment of Good and the satisfaction of the desires of Love.

Love is the desire to do Good to others.

These four measures sum up the growth your super-consciousness has achieved at any time.

The experience of worshipful erotic joy is available to you at all times, so that you may better discern the light of Truth.

So do your personal scores have any bearing on your personal future experience?

Not surprisingly, they have a big effect on your immediate experience of continuing life after separation from your biohost.

To learn to be a better person, with greater value to the universe, you must socialize your experience in a community containing some people from whom you can learn and other people whom you can inspire.

The proof of your continuing growth is your success in showing the way to others.

Everyone moves on to more spiritual levels of socialization, so initial differences, no matter how great, are all erased in time.

No matter where you find yourself, your task remains the same—to continue developing your ability to function in service to supreme values.

And in all places throughout the cosmos, forms of erotic joy illuminate the experience of worshipful meditation wherein all choices are made.

Thus, in time, all advance toward perfection, regardless of their starting level—some will progress rapidly, others slowly, but all in the certainty that they who desire personal immortality are indeed immortal in universe service.

Our pastfathers had no knowledge of the cosmos and imagined a heaven of stationary values, but the real universe is complex, adaptive, and dynamic—a vast school dedicated to teaching all beings the art of Love.

You need only choose to persist in your quest for immortality to finally attain perfection, become absolutely immortal, and function as a personality of the emerging deity of time and space that comprises the super-consciousness of all universe beings—the Supreme Being.

Worship Love in all its manifestations and you will always find Truth.

At each step the erotic provides a way to express and experience Love through literal action.

Though we may personally traverse a billion worlds enroute to final perfection, we know that the joy of Love is made literally manifest at every level of experience.

The erotic is the universal foundation of personal growth in Love.

Join me today and forever in the worship of the power of erotic joy.

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