A #Duggary Post Script

When we shared this with our friends at church, most of them told me their sons had done the same thing to their daughters so we didn’t think it unusual or cause for great concern,” said Jim Bob Duggar.

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There is not going to be too many postscripts here on the sad and vile story of the Duggars. They are sterling examples of the unavoidable end that twisted thinking brings about. It’s not necessary to rehash the full-repudiation of the christian cult responsible for the Duggar Family’s behavior, which includes a brand of home schooling that can only be interpreted as systemized child abuse. The questionable tenets of the cult, called Quivverful, one of a number of dominionist sects, gives old time evangelicals and fundamentalists a bad name.

Yesterday, I wrote about Scott Wooledge‘s 20 “brilliant, logical, and not funny” questions that Megan Kelly should have asked. There is more and more information coming out today as a result of that interview, despite Kelly’s soft-ball questions, but I wanted to touch on one thing.

Mom and Pop Duggar could be arraigned today for neglect and child endangerment (at least), if they didn’t make a calculated end run around the statutes of limitation for these crimes, as did Josh. One of the things they taught, and are teaching, their children about sexual abuse revolves around the concept that girls and women must dress so modestly lest there be any question of whether or not they are enticing male attention. Otherwise, they are attempting to “defraud” their potential assailants. Beyond that, because they are always under their father’s care, as long as Dad is without sin, if abuse occurs it is the victim’s fault. What a twisted view of the world! It’s hard to separate their hypocrisy from the underlying false teachings of their religion.

Wende Benner of Homeschoolers Anonymous describes it this way . . .

[Students . . .] were actually trained to see if there were ways a victim was responsible for being assaulted.  One way is if you somehow “defraud” your assailant by dressing or acting in a way that stirs up lustful thoughts in the attacker.  According to Recovering Grace, a group of Gothard refugees who helped expose him as a serial harasser and molester last year, it’s theoretically possible for a woman to defraud a man just by tossing her hair.

Another way is if you do something to put yourself outside the protection of your father.  According to Gothard, as long as your father has no sin in his life, nothing can happen to his wife or children.  However, if you sin, you open yourself up to evil.  So if you’re sexually assaulted and your father did nothing wrong, supposedly you brought it on yourself by being outside his protection.

Very soon, I trust, we will start hearing public criticism from leaders and activists who everyday are on the front line to dismantle the rape culture that sponsors harassment, violence, and murder, including outlawing this form of homeschooling. Groups such as Prevent Child Abuse AmericaRAINN (Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network), and PARC (People Against Rape Culture) deserve our support.

Christian cults that accommodate the sexual abuse of their own children are the worst. It underscores the fact that rape and other forms of sexual abuse are not fought by warning children of “stranger danger” because most abuse comes from people closest to the victim.

NO ONE ASKS TO BE SEXUALLY ASSAULTED, and it is men’s singular responsibility to end the misogyny at the heart of this problem..


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Alison Gardner