A Lightening Strike Heard Around The World

Photo by Steve Rhodes Flickr/creative commons

Photo by Steve Rhodes
Flickr/creative commons

Not everything that is faced can be chaged;
but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”
— James Baldwin (1924 – 1987)
American novelist, essayist, playwright,
poet, and social critic

Meditation this weekend on Michael Brown and the birth of the BlackLivesMatter movement led me to re-examine my published thoughts from a year ago.

Follow The Money To Ferguson
Institutionalized racism, money, greed, and special interests are what makes brown and black young men primary targets and victims, and it is being financed by your hard-earned tax-dollars. (More . . .)

Stay Informed. Stay Active
We speculate that unlike the consciousness raising on gun control following the Newtown Massacre, which petered out along partisan lines since the National Rifle Association owns most of the U.S. Congress, this singular event in Ferguson will succeed in merging the message with the messenger at just the right moment. It has brought about a laser-focus on the rotten mass of shameful, bankrupt, coercive, and inhumane systems, forcing elected officials, conservative and liberal alike, to say, wait a damn minute. (More . . .)

Old Ferguson Makes New Commitments
[Michael Brown’s] legacy and his family’s continuing legacy [is] a lightening strike heard around the world that has forever changed how many people look at the self-destructive systems, laws, and policies that led to this senseless death. These obstacles to Peace include the war against young black men, the militarization of local police, mass incarceration, for-profit prisons and probation systems, and more that we have long focused on, and will continue to. (More . . .)

Solutions Are Available But Will We Pay Attention?
. . . [2.] Support national legislation to reverse the decades long, constitution-bashing systems that turn local police forces into armed militias who must overreact to justify their existence. (Sign the Care2 petition.) (More . . .)

Love Pierces Hate
Fear of other did not begin with America. Fear of something different than yourself springs from caveman DNA, and it is only the gradual grasp of Love, in your intellect and in actuality of the Love you express, that raises anyone above the primitive. When we evolve as individuals, and as a mass of humanity, to be able to reject fear as a way of life, the earth and its people tick closer to a world built on Love. This is a world where every child is born with their personal autonomy intact, where governments, corporations, religious hierarchies, or local custom do not rob us of mutual equality. This is the age of universal plurality, the only pathway to Peace, the only future that applies to all people. (More . . .)

We have a tremendous amount of work ahead of us. We are mobilized to educate people about privilege, white supremacy, mass incarnation, etc. We have started in the right place by finding candidates that will fully embrace the notion that racial inequality is separate and equal in scope to the issue of income equality, and then making sure that everyone is registered and shows up at the polls to support them so our government starts to reflect the diversity of its populace. We are tripling down in our efforts to enact and change legislation that will end racial profiling and insist on more and better police training and accountability as well as body cameras. While we continue to chip away at the systems of mass incarnation, including demanding the release from prison the overabundant black and brown people, there for crimes their white counterparts never dealt with, and the reinstatement of full civil and human rights to felons upon release or completion of their sentences, we need to put an end to the school-prison pipeline and the entire prison-industrial complex, a profit center for corporatists and politicians. And, of course, much, much more.

Join me in supporting the BlackLivesMatter movement. Let us take joy in this movement’s record-breaking, rapid growth and its permanent affect on worldwide consciousness of institutionalized racism and what we can do about it. Sure, just like any nascent movement it’s had its rough moments, but it will continue to disrupt and interrupt the rhetoric of power, those who would marginalize people of color, whether friend or foe. It’s only some white people who argue the message doesn’t match the target, despite the evidence that the message is getting through quite thoroughly.

Together, as one world, we are experiencing the true and living legacy of Michael Brown.


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