Action on Climate Change is a Matter of Life and Death

Truth-Out again raising the alarm: “every second, one person is displaced by disaster.”

Flickr/creative commons

Flickr/creative commons

“In 2015 only, more than 19.2 million people fled disasters in 113 countries. Disasters displace three to ten times more people than conflict and war worldwide.” (According to the Oslo-based Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) reports)

“We have never had so many complex and protracted humanitarian emergencies now happening simultaneously from West Africa all the way to Asia, with very few spots in between which do not have some issue. We have today 40 million forcibly displaced people and 20 million refugees, the greatest number of uprooted people since the Second World War.” (William Lacy Swing, International Organisation for Migration)

Swing continues . . .

“It is quite clear that we will have more and more conflicts over shortages of food and water that are going to be exacerbated by climate change.

Political crises and natural disasters are the other major drivers of migration today.”

As we have tried to stress over and over, it doesn’t matter whether you think climate change is man-made or not, the impact is already upon us and we must respond as a planet. It’s time to get off your sofa and do something.




Alison Gardner