Are You Interested in Free Registration to NetrootsNation (2016)?

Once again, VenusPlusX will be attending the annual NetrootsConnect and NetrootsNation 2016 in St. Louis, Missouri, July 13-17, and once again plan on connecting and reconnecting with local social and economic justice advocates.

2692828875_8dacd4dcfd_zAs in past years, the Dan Massey Trans Leadership Scholarship Fund, under the aegis of Netroots Connect/LGBT, will be offering complimentary Netroots Nation registrations to student activists living in the area.

This year its greater St. Louis. There may be 1-2 hours of work (as a VenusPlusX paid intern) on one or more days from Wednesday, July 13, at Netroots Connect/LGBT, and/or Thursday (7/14), Friday (7/15), Saturday (7/16), and Sunday (7/17).

Interested candidates can contact me directly. Tell me a little about yourself, the kind of activism you are busy with, and why you want to participate in Netroots Nation, the largest gathering of progressives (3,000+) every year.


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Alison Gardner