Alison Gardner

VenusPlusX September Expansion Announced

Visitors! Let us know what you think of our expansion to fulfill VenusPlusX's mission to help usher in “The New Age of Sexual Freedom” – a world free from the global culture of racial, sexual, and gender oppression and violence driven by governments, religions, commerce, and social customs We aim to do that through multiple and international voices participating in our campaigns, initiatives, educational and advocacy programs, and grassroots organizing, all expanding this month with's new utilities and capabilities. We are especially proud of our new roster of Feature Editors, Guest Editors, and Guest Bloggers, such as... Zain Rivzi, Adrianna Midama, ...

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Grassroots: Take action (updated 10-25-11)

This is a 10-25-11 editor's update. Washington, DC's TLGB Police Watch Coalition of concerned citizens and organizations has now scheduled the first street action, a Transgender Day of Action (TDOA, November 7) in conjunction with the planners of DC's Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR, November 20), to end DC police bias against trans folks. While the TDOR has been held for two decades to honor those who have lost their lives in the struggle for full equality, this year everyone is cooperating to express in unison the community's urgent need to rid itself of discriminatory practices in the police force and in ...

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Global Sexual Freedom Watch

The struggle for the civil rights for women, sexual minorities, and people who are HIV+ outside of the United States, in hundreds of countries, involves fierce protection against imprisonment, mutilation, violence, and death. The abuse of power is monumental, and first world countries mostly sit idly by while this miscarriage of humanity is put forward by governments, religions, commerce, and often vile social custom. This alone should make every American care about this silent genocide, the systematic "disappearing" of people who are HIV+ or lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender and gender-nonconforming (LGBT) and severe restrictions on the rights of women. Read More

The Sexual Freedom Project: Make Your Voice Heard

Jack and Adrianna model our fabulous t-shirts

The Sexual Freedom Project is a series that will highlight your original and creative efforts around addressing the question, “What does sexual freedom mean to you?” It will feature your videos, stories, poetry and artwork exploring the role sexual freedom plays in your life today, how the media covers sexuality, gender, and popular culture, or anything else that comes to mind when you think of sexual freedom. Send us your personal take on these questions, or on any of the other varied topics covered by VenusPlusX. We will also feature works created by the VenusPlusX staff, including video interviews filmed on ...

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Newly designed and greatly expanded website coming

Just thought I'd let everyone know that we have been working hard all summer to develop campaigns and initiatives to help usher in "The New Age of Sexual Freedom" – a world free from the global culture of racial, sexual, and gender oppression and violence  currently supported by governments, religions, commerce, and social customs. In a few days, we will go dark for 24 hours to upload our newly designed website with expanded content and new resources. We are especially proud of our new roster of Feature Editors, Guest Editors, and Guest Bloggers, such as . . . Kushaba Moses Mwreko and Adrianna ...

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A Wake Up Call! — Kushaba Moses Mworeko

Since last May when the Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Uganda seemed dead with the end of the 7th Parliament, Ugandan and international LGBT activists grassroots organizers and the media felt a relief from what had become a “talk of the town” issue. Speculations on the reintroduction of the bill were rumored when the key sponsor of the bill, Member of Parliament David Bahati, was said to be a presidential nominee to Uganda’s Cabinet as its new Minister of Ethics and Integrity. We shouldn’t forget that the death of this bill was in our sights when some Cabinet ministers and President ...

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VenusPlusX hosts August 3 Meet the Author Dr. Gloria Brame

You're Invited: Meet & Greets in DC on Aug 3 Filed By Gloria Brame, Ph.D. | July 31, 2011 11:30 AM If I've seemed a little scarce around here lately, it's because I am. My new book, , The Truth About Sex just came out. It's my obsession! I have barely left the house in two years but I'm heading to Washington DC next week to talk for the first time about the research, theories, and ideas that went into my book. In the morning, I'm delivering the keynote lecture for the annual CARAS conference ...

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Why sexual freedom is the bedrock of all freedoms

(También en Español) Our sexual pleasure response is completely individual. When we feel it, those precious moments, we experience unbridled exhilaration that is at the same time indescribable by mere words, even in great art or poetry. There is only one way to replicate this experience of unrestrained freedom and that is to recreate -- re-create increasing favorable circumstances to plug in at a healthy pace. Although sexual pleasure exists by definition in a time and space all one's own an imperative to share it and enhance it with others is built in. Studies have demonstrated over and over again ...

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#NNLGBT Photos & Videos

Tomorrow we are turning our Netroots Nation LGBT caucus (#NNLGBT) into another strategy session that will build on our work yesterday, Wednesday's LGBT pre-convention. But tonight (it's late but still Thursday here in the Twin Cities), a special shout-out and gratitude to Carlos in DC for these great photos and videos from Wednesday. Enjoy. So tired tonight, that's all. Tomorrow, Friday, we will catch up reporting news, thoughts, impressions, and maybe some inspiration too. --Alison  

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Reporting Live from Netroots Nation 2011

Dan and I are lucky to be attending Netroots Nation 2011 (#NN11) this week, especially the LGBT pre-convention all day today, organized by the illustrious Mike Rogers. NN11 is the in its sixth year and has grown geometrically to the several thousand bloggers and citizen journalists converging on the Minneapolis Convention Center right now. The LGBT pre-convention is fabulous so far because it is entirely hands-on and focused on affecting change. We will try to post transcripts and videos that have been promised. This morning, the 100+ LGBT bloggers and organizations/organizers worked as a group to raise the ...

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