Alison Gardner

A DC Pride Photo

Soaking in DC Pride, my thoughts drift in several directions.           The first is topical, these pictures were snapped on P Street, just hours before the Parade kicked off, at the chain store, Lululemon Athletica. When asked, the store clerk said that this was just something they cooked up, not a chain-wide campaign. The whimsy, frivolity, and good nature of this window display was backed by a few employees minding the store with the courage to put their mannequins where their hearts were. It was great seeing all the young people, many of them straight suburban kids, pour out like syrup ...

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We are our pride – Kushaba Moses Mworeko

It was June 5, 1981, when the first cases of HIV were reported ( Yes, in the USA, this was referred to as a gay disease and to some people it still is. But to a person like me who comes from a place where the disease was and is heavily among heterosexuals, I have to disagree. As years have gone by, education and awareness campaigns and research on this disease have helped to dispel the myths. It has taken years for Africans to understand that a witch doctor’s diagnosis and prescription of expensive sacrifices for this disease were not ...

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What lies in our power — Kushaba Moses Mworeko

A few days ago I was watching CBS's "Criminal Minds" and the show ended with this quote, “What lies in our power to do, lies in our power not to do,” which I remember from reading Aristotle’s writings. It reminded me also of what most people have been asking me over the last 17 months: Moses, what do you intend to do? I have not been answering this question well because of the uncertainty surrounding my future. Being in limbo for over a year has taught me a lot. My patience, assertiveness, and aggressiveness were all put to the test. These ...

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No call for celebration – Kushaba Moses Mworeko

Editor's note: Moses has this month received official notice that he has qualified for U.S. asylum, finally. He will post something trying to capture his personal joy soon, but here republished is his post from April when the Ugandan bill was again in flux, showing how important it is to be thinking globally about human rights. Also see Will O'Bryan's spotlight on Moses today in Metro Weekly and visit Moses' Global Sexual Freedom Annotated Bibliography in our Library for more information.   Even as Uganda's government shows it might shelve its “kill the gays” bill, there can be no call ...

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Sexual Healing

                Tonight, we just returned from the opening of Momentum, a weekend about "making waves in sexuality, feminism, and relationships through new media." First up, sex positivity stars Jenny BlockTristan TaorminoReid Mihalko, and Carol Queen (pictured left to right above with moderator Lynn Comella on the far right). The fivesome talked and took questions about the role of sexuality in today's culture and what all of us can do to generate conversations about sexuality that fit into daily life. The best half hour of the night was stolen, though, by the stand-up stylings of Maria Falzone. According to the ...

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We’re rolling


Twin Cities on my mind . . .

This quiet bastion of liberalism, Minneapolis - St. Paul, is a stone's throw but also a universe away from anything Michele Bachmann, and an enchanting community of people who live and let live as a way of life, accept all manner of queer or kinky people as their neighbors and friends, and happen to be among this country's leaders in establishing equality for all its citizens as a matter basic human rights. Minneapolis-St.Paul gives pause to anyone with any shade of coastal mentalities, and I'm checking myself here too, who thinks fly-over country holds nothing of interest ...

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Transgender, Sexuality, Pleasures, Protections

Editor's Note: Jennifer M. Barge, founder of TransHealth Coordinators, offers this contribution to our blog-based conversation about sexual freedom emanating this week from VenusPlusX and Creating Change in Minneapolis. Jennifer is a frequent guest speaker and produces health services access portals for municipalities, conferences, and at Transgender-Sexuality-Pleasures-Protection I started doing a workshop a few years back called “Safer Sexual Practices and Pleasures for the Transgender Bodied Person.” The reason for these classes is both to educate about the risks of unsafe behavior and to encourage the ideas that pleasure can come in a safe form. Many times people confuse ...

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Sexual Freedom Printed Program for Minneapolis Now Available

For everyone who lives in the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul area and everyone coming to the Twin Cities for the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force's Creating Change conference next week, here is VenusPlusX's Printed Program. It includes Presenter's Bios and the complete Program Schedule for two days of sexual freedom workshops, presentations, demos, and parties on Friday and Saturday (February 4 and 5) at  The Hotel Ivy, FREE, next door to Creating Change headquarters at the Minneapolis Hilton. Looking forward to seeing many of you there. Alison Gardner & Dan Massey

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On The Brutal Murder of David Kato-by Kushaba Moses Mworeko

The brutal and horrific death of Ugandan Human Rights Defender David Kato is a blow to our efforts fightinginjustice in Uganda and the world over. David's charisma can never be replaced, however his death gives us more strength than ever to fight on. Unfortunately David's death has become part of the price that we have to pay to win full equality. I send a strong message to those exporters of hate to our already vulnerable communities to stop it lest the world return to the dark ages. Let us pledge to fight to keep his spirit alive and help bring equality and freedom for ...

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