Barney Frank Nails the First Amendment Defense Act

Former House Rep Barney Frank Schools House Oversight Committee the true nature of the GOP's specious "First Amendment Defense Act." 7/12/16

Former House Rep Barney Frank Schools House Oversight Committee the true nature of the GOP’s specious “First Amendment Defense Act.” 7/12/16

The suspect “First Amendment Defense Act” (FADA) that is floating through Congress sustained its most damning criticism yesterday from former House Representative Barney Frank. You can read his full statement here; or watch some video.

The GOP-sponsored bill attempts, with its ridiculous title, to legislate the protection of executives at any entity receiving taxpayer funding (a business, school, hospital, non-profit organization, etc.) to lawfully discriminate against LGBT people, and unmarried heterosexual couples, based solely on their personally held religious views. Yeah, you read that right. Legalized discrimination.

Frank served in Congress (1981-2013) and is openly gay and married. He eviscerated the bill as only he could.

[Frank] rattled off a specific page, line and subsection in the bill that explicitly says the federal government can’t deny funds to a nonprofit developer that plans to exclude same-sex married couples ― or unmarried couples who are sexually active ― from tenancy. One of the Republicans on the committee had to ask him where he was reading in the bill.

“I’m not making this up. I’m reading your bill. So don’t tell me it’s not there,” Frank said. “So if you’re gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, I guess you can move in there if you can prove you’re celibate. That’s an interesting form I’d want to see people fill out.”

That drew some laughs, but nobody could challenge him on that point, either.

For some time now, there hasn’t been any pretense, any attempt by the GOP, particularly the Religious Right, to hide their contempt for people who don’t conform to their sexually-repressed and religiously-confused world view. This goes well beyond wanting to discriminate freely by taking away your rights under our Constitution. They want the full monty: erasure, a world where everyone is ex-LGBT or dead.

I urge you to contact your representatives and senators and tell them this bill should never come to the House floor for a full vote, and if it does and they vote for it, you will actively work to unseat them.



Alison Gardner