Cash and Carry Religion

by P.O. Arnas Flickr/creative commons

by P.O. Arnas
Flickr/creative commons

American Fundamentalists are succeeding in denying science and establishing punishing, religion-based legislation for one reason only. They have wisely aligned themselves with interests of corporate profiteers.

The scheme is as old as time, and today’s clearest example of this unholy marriage of religion and money is an organization called The Family (aka The Fellowship), something I have been writing about here for weeks.

Like all cults of its ilk, The Family carries forth the dominionism doctrine, brought here by the Puritans. Dominionism is a political and religious philosophy calling for the end of the rule of law and the ascendancy of god’s law, at least their self-styled, subjective version of what god’s law is. This is the religious right and nothing short of christian sharia is their goal.

The Family operates internationally, 5 years ago claiming 10,000 cells worldwide. They continue to permeate every facet of our government from Congress to the Supreme Court and the Office of The President and the Cabinets. Any day on Capitol Hill, the Family gathers in multiple prayer groups, and by prayer groups they actually mean business meetings, all on the taxpayer’s dime. Here and abroad, Family members don’t even have to be christian as long as they are well-connected.

On December 21, 2008, The Tulsa Oklahoman placed on its front page a story that could have become a major scandal, had not the paper’s editors run it so close to Christmas. Since 1999, Inhofe had taken twenty international trips, at a cost of at least $187,000 in public money–not including the cost of military transport—to promote what he called ‘a Jesus thing.'”

Jeff Sharlet‘s C Street: The Fundamentalist Threat to American Democracy (2011)

Make. No. Mistake. The Family’s business is money masquerading behind a religious purpose. It works like most organized crime. Projects are conceived, worthy projects even, like building a new bridge in Uganda for example. U.S. Foreign Aid, hefty inside construction contracts, and other bundles of money flow, and everybody gets their apportioned return when its finished.

According to the United Nations, at least 30% of international development aid,  sometimes up to 100%, is siphoned off by bribes and kickbacks to faceless bureaucrats. It is organizations such as The Family that are sinking their teeth in.

Prosperity and a world under (their skewered version of) god’s law go hand and hand. This is why the religious-corporate elite in this country work so hard towards facilitating measures such as voter suppression, sex and race control of the population, continued denial of science whether reproductive or environmental, the end to federal regulations of the banks and dirty energy, and the obliteration of church-state separation. In their minds, it’s all necessary collateral damage demanded by their self-styled spiritual mission, perforce shaped by greased palms.

We need to get to work, now, and can start by recalibrating the House, Senate, and Supreme Court before the 2016 election precisely because those who are members of The Family or otherwise adhere to dominionist doctrine are unfit to serve in public office.

Public servants who have taken oaths to uphold our Constitution and all of its provisions have a gross conflict of interest if they have also made an oath to their religious cult to dismantle same. Each by nature is incompatible with the other, even their own bible tells them so.

Left behind, though, is a public paper trail of misused public funds and ethics violations, and that is, ultimately, why they must be forced to go and how they will be forced to resign.

The evidence is out there that could force resignations en masse. Let’s go get it!


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A reminder to our readers: We do not deny any individual, group, church, or cult their religious beliefs. But we do demand that if they are in public service, they abide by our Constitution and all of its provisions. Our series on the religious right now in its third week is a combination of research, intuition, and personal experience, opinion-editorials for the purposes of education (Fair Use).



Alison Gardner