Grassroots: Take action (updated 10-25-11)

This is a 10-25-11 editor's update. Washington, DC's TLGB Police Watch Coalition of concerned citizens and organizations has now scheduled the first street action, a Transgender Day of Action (TDOA, November 7) in conjunction with the planners of DC's Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR, November 20), to end DC police bias against trans folks. While the TDOR has been held for two decades to honor those who have lost their lives in the struggle for full equality, this year everyone is cooperating to express in unison the community's urgent need to rid itself of discriminatory practices in the police force and in ...

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Why sexual freedom is the bedrock of all freedoms

(También en Español) Our sexual pleasure response is completely individual. When we feel it, those precious moments, we experience unbridled exhilaration that is at the same time indescribable by mere words, even in great art or poetry. There is only one way to replicate this experience of unrestrained freedom and that is to recreate -- re-create increasing favorable circumstances to plug in at a healthy pace. Although sexual pleasure exists by definition in a time and space all one's own an imperative to share it and enhance it with others is built in. Studies have demonstrated over and over again ...

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