Sex Education

What We Can Learn From the Dutch About Teen Sex

What Mind Reading: What We Can Learn From the Dutch About Teen Sex  "Teen birth rates are eight times higher in the U.S. than in Holland. Abortion rates are twice as high. The American AIDS rate is three times greater than that of the Dutch. What are they doing right that we're not?... "Coming out of the sexual revolution, the Dutch really decoupled sex from marriage, but they didn't decouple sex from love. If the first piece is that there weren't these immediate associations of teen sex with danger, the second is that it remained anchored in the concept of ...

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Get a Second Life

Have you ever dreamed of flying naked high above a city? Or making love to an eight-foot-tall humanoid? If you've netflixed James Cameron's Avatar some lonely weekday night in the past few months, chances are you have. Imagine and experience a virtual reality where you are free to privately and anonymously explore your sexuality and gender, to understand all the possibilities without any judgment, limitations, or consequences. On Friday and Saturday, February 4 and 5, 2011, at The Hotel Ivy in downtown Minneapolis, is sponsoring a 90-minute workshop and two noontime demonstrations all about the alternate universe of Second Life, ...

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