The Sexual Freedom Project

The Sexual Freedom Project: Make Your Voice Heard

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The Sexual Freedom Project is a series that will highlight your original and creative efforts around addressing the question, “What does sexual freedom mean to you?” It will feature your videos, stories, poetry and artwork exploring the role sexual freedom plays in your life today, how the media covers sexuality, gender, and popular culture, or anything else that comes to mind when you think of sexual freedom. Send us your personal take on these questions, or on any of the other varied topics covered by VenusPlusX. We will also feature works created by the VenusPlusX staff, including video interviews filmed on ...

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What Sexual Freedom Means To Me – Kushaba Moses Mworeko

To me Sexual Freedom is the inherent liberty of people to embrace our God-given, beautiful, and sexy bodies, sexual organs, feelings and acts. I look  at myself  as “a free and empowered person” working to emancipate LGBT and HIV-positive people in Uganda, Africa, and elsewhere from a life of bondage into a world of freedom, liberty, diversity, and respect for all experiences. As adults, mature people, productive citizens, and observers of the law can we have sex with whomever, whenever, wherever,however we want? Can we lay a foundation for the young and the generations to come to have and enjoy all the ...

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