Chief Obstacle to Racial Reconciliation is the Religious Right

The obstacles to a successful US Truth and Reconciliation Commission in this country can be found everywhere. A commission such as this is an extra-judcial forum available to all stakeholders to face the past and find solutions, together, as one nation, healing the wounds and lasting effects of racism.

It’s easy to find examples of these obstacles because we don’t have to look farther than at the exact same gang of corporate outlaws perverting our Constitution wherever and whenever possible to advance their greed while denying science, equal rights, and, yeah, facts.



An apt example is the new Noah’s Ark attraction in Tennessee which just opened this week. News flash: You Tennessee taxpayers covered almost 20% of the cost. No doubt the developers applied for these public monies based on the attraction’s potential tourism value, but nobody was minding the US Constitution or established law.

Why did we allow the decision makers in this case to use your hard-earned money for this purely religious purpose, that otherwise has no redeeming value, and wasted more than $100 million in construction materials that would have been better spent housing the poor and homeless?

One of the first visitors to this new attraction was Dr. Bill Nye (the “science guy”). Nye has many times debated the creationists behind the project, as he did during this two-hour tour. “The kids are being brainwashed,” said Nye, who joined others planning protests there because the attraction is “detrimental to the teaching of science” and clearly should have never received an $18m state tax incentive.”

In dismantling the obstacles standing in the way of our national healing, we must first be be concerned with how we are unknowingly collaborating with those working against us. First we accept the status quo, the biggest impediment to systemic change. Next we allow our tax dollars and an uninformed electorate (voluntary enslavement that must change) to be exploited by those who would dismantle progress in favor of corporate greed, even the desire to replace our rule of law with a nation under (their) god. Christian Sharia is a real thing and it’s as bad as you think.

You can read an expose I wrote on one of the largest drains on millions of our tax dollars that operates on your dime every single day and in every branch of our government, doing its “jesus work” but in reality functioning as billion-dollar organized crime. I put up another summary this fake cult’s work just this past week.

It’s very hard to defeat people like the Koch brothers and organizations such as ALEC, and the elected officials that collude with them, but a logical and rewarding place to start is with these violations of church-state separation when it comes to government spending, including tax exemptions for churches who act in clearly sectarian ways. Most important, it provides us with a bona fide paper trail that can be used in our legislative and judicial systems to legally outlaw these transgressions, and cast the offenders out of public office.

These church-state financial abridgments are the low-hanging fruit, overly ripe for activists’ picking. Although, if you are an activist who wants to see change, this is also true: You can do whatever you want as long as you are willing to get up and do it. So what’s keeping you?



Alison Gardner