Dan Massey Memorial Service: Proclamation from the Mayor

As mayor of the District of Columbia I wish to express my deepest sympathy for the loss of your loved one Mr. Dan Massey. Mr. Massey was a resident of the District of Columbia and he lived in Ward One. He was a tireless activist for equality and sexual freedom who devoted his time and energy to ending anti-transgender violence and police bias. He was well respected in the community for his work in support of social justice, and he was a member of the Gay and Lesbian Activist Alliance, Woodhall Sexual Freedom Alliance, Gender Rights Maryland, and Humanity+ among many others [that have been mentioned]. He will be missed by those who knew and loved him. As you gather to reflect on the memories you shared with Mr. Massey now is the time to remember his caring, compassionate spirit. On behalf of the residents of the District of Columbia our prayers are with you during this difficult time.

Vincent Gray, Mayor District of Columbia.