Dan Massey Memorial Service: Short Excerpt from Upcoming Book

Dan, 1975

Dan, 1975

Hello, everyone, my name is Ricci Levy, and Dan is a friend of mine. I say is rather than was because love transcends all boundaries including what some might consider the final boundary.Dan didn’t recognize boundaries and he certainly didn’t recognize a final boundary. 

I was reflecting the other day in saying anything about Dan you have to say something about Alison because it’s like one word; Dan and Alison, Alison and Dan. There is just no way to talk about one or the other. It is as it always has been, Dan and Alison.

Dan and Alison’s 40-year love affair reached its pinnacle of expression when just after the new year, shortly before Dan hung up his keyboard for the last time, they completed their book on the eternal power of love and its spiritual connection to erotic joy. Together they achieved their joint purpose in life to do nothing short of changing the world by bringing sacred sexuality out of the closet for the betterment of humankind. Dr. Gloria Braehme, a leading sex educator, counselor, and author, early on dubbed these two as sex futurists, a term they relished and lived up to.

Dan and Alison are true transhumanists, seeing a world of future possibilities that could be acted on in the present.

Here is a short excerpt . . .from The Unseen Journey (working title). All rights reserved.

The underlying fundamental absolute of the universe in which we live is the power we recognize in the desire to do good to others, which we properly name Love. Love is expressed in and bestowed upon every level of universe reality, from the most perfected, absolute, or final, qWa to the most primitive human-like person able to make moral decisions.

Love is expressed and perceived differently at each level of progressive maturation and perfection, in a manner uniquely significant and appealing to the esthetics and values of each level.
If divine love is manifest on every level of being, then it must be apparent in our direct, sensory, physical world, and not be limited to the domain of the super consciousness.

Where is this?
The most direct, basic, physical manifestation of the reality of Love is experienced in erotic joy, in the intense experience of neurological orgasm, or even the warm feeling of pleasure of a friend’s hand on your arm when you need comforting. Sexual or not, pleasure activates the very same erotic senses. In any case, the stimulated sensorium explodes with joy as the individual consciousness briefly impinges on the reality of absolute Love.

And what should be our attitude towards this experience of momentary contact 9O’ with maximum joy? Certainly not fear, though that is the reaction of far too many who have been told and/or come to believe that they are unworthy of pleasure.

What is the appropriate action of any person confronted with a vast goodness beyond any other human sensory experience? There can be only one answer.

Worship erotic joy.
Worship the living experience of orgasm and every simple pleasure.
Worship the most basic sensory experience of Love.
Worship is the conscious act of surrendering one’s mind, one’s will, to the object of worship. Worship makes the worshiper more like that which is worshiped.
Worship of the orgasmic spirit of Love defeats barriers to interpersonal expression of Love through service. Worship opens the door of the mind to Truth, which directs our action.
Through erotic worship the human spirit is progressively attracted to higher levels of understanding, enjoyment, and service.
Those who would deny this first great step, this open and personal acceptance of a physical gift of Love, place a barrier between the human state and the progressive expression and experience of Love.
When worship of Love is only invoked in the abstract or in deep meditative states, extreme focus is required to experience enlightenment. By comparison, when the first step in the path of Love recognition and worship is taken in the erotic, growth of the consciousness to experience greater enlightenment is simplified and expedited for most people.
All humanity knows erotic joy. The time has come for all humanity to acknowledge the supremacy of erotic joy and join in worship of this amazing, far too long ignored, gift of Love to humanity.
Join me today and forever in the worship of the power of erotic joy.

© VenusPlusX, 2013