Desire and accomplishment are inseparable

With the last released excerpt of our upcoming book on sex and spirituality, we introduced the concept of an eventuating Supreme Being, free from superstition or myth, and available for both the believer and non-believer. Here we are continuing this thread, and welcome your feedback.

3759375253_2de9c1992e_bIt is difficult for some of us to imagine how a being can be identical to a desire. Are not our desires just feelings that drive us to act? Are not beings just consciousnesses capable of action? When we unify the desire for action with the accomplishment of that action as one and the same occasion we enter the universe of effective action. Here the desire and accomplishment are inseparably identified.

We seek to perfect this experience in our own lives through the practice of the presence of Love—our “communion” with our desire to do good towards others and our experience of oneness with the Supreme. Although every human has the innate ability to experience this, major enterprises (e.g., human religions) have been established on the false idea that a third party, perhaps a priest, is a necessary intermediary between a human and this highly personal and individual communion. Or that one must have a detailed gnosis of the qualities of God in order to “worship the right way.”


This communion (our desire merged with the entirety of the Supreme) assures that the true desire is realized insofar as it is synchronous with the manifestation of the Supreme.
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Already available now as a companion reference, A Course in Immortality (and in Spanish, Un Curso En Inmortalidad), which will be published as an included Appendix in the new book.