Did Ted Cruz Mess With Your Church?

Senator Ted Cruz Flickr/creative commons

Senator Ted Cruz
Flickr/creative commons

Today, we’re searching for data on just how many churches openly violated their tax-exempt status yesterday by reading from their pulpits a sermon written and sent to them by Senator Ted Cruz to rally support for a government shutdown to defund *Planned Parenthood.

On the left, we are seriously questioning the right of religious organizations to maintain their taxpayer subsidies for preaching hate and discrimination. On the right, we hear protests against churches preaching about and facilitating sanctuary cities protecting undocumented immigrants. But, no matter where you stand, few actions so clearly define the bankruptcy of church-state separation than this blatant effort by Cruz.

Abuse of political pulpit power is not new, but this is by far the most ballsy example we’ve seen so far.

You can read the full content of Cruz’s sermon elsewhere but it is framed in similar religious right rhetoric that always presumes to know their god’s will, a subjective interpretation demanding unquestioned loyalty.

[T] he sermon warns that God will harshly judge America for the sin of legal abortion and explicitly calls upon those in the congregation to contact their representatives in Congress to demand an end to any funding for Planned Parenthood. — RigthWingWatch

This is another reason we must #VoteOutTheReligousRight every chance we get. Join the fight for reproductive justice. Find and support candidates for your local area that stand on the side of women and church-state separation. Register to vote, and then vote on election day, and make sure all your friends and family to so too.




* FACT CHECKING: Now almost 100 years old, Planned Parenthood provides health services to almost 5 million women, men, and young people, many of whom are poor and/or have no other access to these services. The organization is both supported by private donors and receiving government funding for some of its services. Abortions comprise just 3% of its budget, and, by law, no government funds are being used for these procedures.

“[O]nly a very small part of their budget goes to abortion services. 97 percent of their budget is focused on basic health care. Anyone who wants to defund Planned Parenthood, wants to defund health care for women across the United States.” — Senator Kristin Gillibrand


Alison Gardner