Don’t Blame The Caveman



Today I’m recommending Christopher Ryan‘s book, Sex At Dawn: How We Mate, Why We Stray, and What It Means for Modern Sexuality. 

Dan Savage called this book, “… the single most important book about human sexuality since Alfred Kinsey unleashed Sexual Behavior in the Human Male on the American public in 1948.” I agree.

A review on points out some important highlights, and below you will find Ryan’s own video on the book.

For example, our image of the tough caveman dragging unsuspecting women by the hair into a dark cave is completely erroneous. Women are hard-wired to like a lot of sex with multiple partners. It’s nature’s only guarantee that the human race will continue. The caveman just found a woman already engaging in sex and then waited around for his turn.

It was not until the advent of agriculture that man developed a notion of private property, and had reason to feel jealous of a promiscuous mate. Culture invented monogamy, and with it marriage, cheating, and a sense of shame that surrounds our sexual selves.

In the US, spending is over $100 million each year on the marital-industrial complex to compensate for the dysfunction. This includes everything from sex therapists, pharmaceuticals, and pornography.

Ryan’s prescription? Drop all shame and behave closer to your instinctual sexual nature. Couldn’t have said it better myself; in fact, I’ve said it many times.




Alison Gardner