Fair Use/Educational

Fair Use/Educational

An apt new word has been coined to express the blatant and harmful hypocrisy exhibited by the far right. It’s “duggary” and it’s no laughing matter.

We have long held that the basis for all sex and gender discrimination is the political and personal expression of the discriminator’s sexual repression. Every time you hear a congressman railing against women or queer people, including calling them child predators, they are projecting their own sexual confusion to the issue at hand. It’s called transference.

It is unfortunately no surprise that the Duggar Family’s devotion to the cult of christianity in its most absurd manifestation, and the sexual abuse heaped on their own children through their distorted sex education of these children, has produced someone like Josh Duggar, who, with his parents’ help evaded law enforcement. Worse still, it is apparent that none of his young victims, or Josh, have to this day received proper counseling.

Tonight, Fox News will be expanding its coverage of the Duggars from the not-surprising total of 90 seconds it has given the story since the news broke with a interview Megyn Kelly. Kelly has already promised it will be just an opportunity for Josh’s parents to “tell their story” and it won’t be an “interrogation.” Nonetheless, here are twenty questions that Scott Wooledge has come up with, and we should all keep in mind as we watch tonight (9 PM EST).

  1. After you learned of the abuse, did your daughters receive care from a licensed medical or psychological professional? If not, did they receive any care, can you describe who and what?

  2. As followers of principles developed by Bill Gothard, did you at any time refer to his homeschooling curriculum guide to sexual abuse to counsel your daughters?

  3. Why did you wait a year after the disclosure to seek outside help?

  4. What was the environment like for your daughters living with Josh during that time?

  5. What steps did you take during that time to ensure that Josh was not a continued danger to any of your children or others’ children?

  6. Do you now entrust Josh to care unsupervised for your younger kids? Is he trusted alone with his nieces and nephews?

  7. The Arkansas state trooper who you asked to counsel Josh now says Jim Bob misled him about the extent of the abuse, claiming it only involved one girl, when in fact at least five were involved. Do you care to respond?

  8. How could Jim Bob possibly campaign for a Senate seat in 2002 on the platform that rape and incest should be punishable by death—positions he took after the family became aware of Josh’s behavior?

  9. Josh filed a lawsuit in 2007 to shut down an Arkansas Department of Human Services investigation into this matter. Did your family at any time consider just cooperating with the authorities on this matter and putting it to rest?

  10. Do you regret being such outspoken political activists?

  11. Do you specifically regret comparing transgender people to child molesters last year?

  12. Do you still believe that LGBT people are a threat to children?

  13. The Ms. Foundation sees this story as a call to arms to discuss ways to prevent the prevalent problem of sexual abuse of girls and women. As outspoken political activists, do you now feel called to embrace this cause as your own?

  14. Will the Duggar family’s political activism continue?

  15. Do you have plans to campaign for any political candidates? If so, who?

  16. In the past Rick Santorum has been described as a friend of the family, as well as a candidate your family campaigned for in 2012 presidential cycle. He has made some strong public statements to the press, Do you have a reaction? Have you spoken to Rick Santorum privately?

  17. In retrospect, do you think it was a wise decision to pursue the national television spotlight in 2006, given what your family had been through so recently?

  18. Did you disclose this history to TLC network before signing on to do a reality TV show?

  19. When did the TLC network learn of this story?

  20. Do you have any reaction to reports former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert sexually abused one or more students in his care?

These questions are both brilliant and logical and not funny. It’s doubtful we will get a straight answer to any of these questions, tonight or ever. The Duggars, to their discredit, have succeeded in their attempts to avoid accountability up until now, including outliving the statutes of limitation on these crimes. Worse, has been their continuing hypocrisy and verbal assaults on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and, especially trans people.

Former Speaker of the House, Denny Hastert, was recently charged with lying to the FBI about payments made to cover up sexual liaison(s) with his students when he was a teacher and coach Fair Use/educational

Former Speaker of the House, Denny Hastert, was recently charged with lying to the FBI about payments made to cover up sexual liaison(s) with his students when he was a teacher and coach
Fair Use/educational

The take away is that every single time you are listening to anyone warning against gay people and fear-mongering by inferring child-molestation remember that you are seeing someone in  deep psycho-sexual pain. If they are a friend of yours or family member, maybe you can help them out of their own sexual repression. If they are a public figure, you might consider the missing opposition research that would most probably disclose their own misdeeds.


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Alison Gardner