From The U.S. Capitol to Kampala, Uganda, the Dominionist Cult Called The Family Runs Deep

The large and secretive dominionist cult called The Family (aka The Fellowship), through the agency of thousands of its American members, view foreign nations, especially developing nations, as more fertile ground than Main Street to pursue their culture wars, but it goes so much deeper than that.

President Ronald Reagan meeting with Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni at The White House,1987 Wiki.commons

President Ronald Reagan meeting with Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni at The White House,1987

Practically every country in the world has been targeted by The Family to be made over as experiments in faith-based initiatives aimed at establishing theocratic regimes throughout the world for one purpose: to reap maximum profits for their members, who don’t even have to be christian as long as they fulfill The Family’s mission to replace the rule of law everywhere with (their skewered version) of god’s law.

GOP Jim Inhofe, Senator from Oklahoma, is a dominionist and member of The Family, and his dubious voting record proves it. When he first ran for Senate in 1994, he proclaimed it was all about the 3 Gs — god, gays, and guns. Under The Family’s direction, Inhofe made dozens of trips to Uganda and other countries “to promote his ‘Jesus’ thing'” which amounted to hundreds of thousands of your wasted tax dollars, not including the hefty cost of military transport. This alone, the massive, fraudulent misuse of funds, should be reason alone to call for Inhofe’s immediate resignation from office.

Are you ready to embark upon a campaign in the next 15 months to disqualify from public service dozens of current American legislators such as Inhofe, and even a few Supreme Court justices, who are secretly aligned with one or more dominionist cults?

Inhofe showed up recently on the Senate floor with a snowball to prove that climate change science was a liberal hoax. As a leading member of The Family, Inhofe is most proud of his involvement in Uganda which he made his special mission years ago. Inhofe and other Family members, working directly Uganda’s President and Members of Parliament, became the driving force behind Uganda’s highly criticized “Kill The Gays” Bill which has been threatened and partially implemented during the last several sessions of its Parliament.

Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni, along with his wife, are members of The Family. The couple continues to champion anti-gay hatred, allow American evangelicals and his own Parliament to reign terror upon the Ugandan lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans (LGBT) community, and share fully the financial spoils of many American-conceived projects that free up money they can then siphon off and put in their own pockets.

Despite The Family’s rampant international religious adventurism, we have an opportunity to start here at home. Regressive legislation permeates our own state and federal governments, even local school boards and city councils, as cults like The Family destroy the separation of church and state by imposing dominionist philosophy above our laws. Therefore, here is the question we are putting forward.

To every lawmaker proposing religiously-biased laws against workers, women, the poor, people of color, LGBT people, etc., or who blocks science, first must answer which of their oaths motivates them: (their skewered version of) god’s law or their oath to uphold our Constitution and our laws? Both oaths cannot coexist simultaneously because the former, religious allegiance, by its nature is always at the expense of rights guaranteed in the latter.

More on Inhofe and other Family members like Sam Brownback and Chuck Grassley is coming, along with more on the inner workings of The Family, the very definition and blueprint for all dominionist cults. As always, I’m begging for comments and participation.




The above is a continuation of my series about Dominionism and The Family, the largest and most dangerous of American dominionist cults. The series is a combination of direct experience and opinion-editorials for fair use/educational purposes. Again, I am not here to condemn any individual’s religious beliefs but I demand that they obey the law and respect our guaranteed right to live in a country where church and state are separate.


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Alison Gardner