Going Live: and

También en español Having been a bilingual site since last fall, VenusPlusX is now gradually rolling out its new all-Spanish site, (o, en español, — our continuing gift to the worldwide Spanish-speaking community, side by side with our now all-English site,

Our round seal, in English and Spanish, portrays “Columbia,” The Statue of Freedom atop the U.S. Capitol. The original sculptor chose a two-spirit (transgender) First People model to create his ideal of freedom. In both English (Sexual Freedom  . . . You Are Born With It) and now on our Spanish site, it has become our ideal symbol of a peaceful post-gender world.

We call for a New Age of Sexual Freedom, asking sincere people to devote themselves to sustainable changes that guarantee everyone’s inalienable personal sovereignty, and freedom to love as they see fit, without fear of being overridden and perverted by presumptuous governments, religious hierarchies, greedy corporations, and blind social custom.

We also want to urge our sister organizations and websites to consider making some of their resources available to the greater community in languages other than English in demonstration of our shared dedication to worldwide change. This enhances the global celebration of common ideals, and demonstrates to everyone  what is important (of love) and what must be left behind as no longer useful to people’s health and well-being.

To be any sort of movement, we must advocate first and foremost for the most vulnerable in any community, the sexual and gender minorities. In the U.S., this especially includes those people whose skin color, origins, and/or or economic and  immigration status further diminish their fair access and happiness, and expose them to extreme social violence. In most of Latin America, the rate of murders and assaults is far higher, social tolerance of sex and gender nonconformity far lower, and the vulnerable population far larger, for reasons beyond the concerns of race and immigration.

The very integrity of  any movement depends on addressing global evils wherever they appear. From our point of view, the voiceless and least able are our “boss,” the people whose stories stir us, who fuel our passion to get up each morning and work hard on their behalf. Because when we direct our educational efforts, advocacy, and activism to those who need our help the most, we sleep better at night knowing we have have done everything that day, the very best we can do, for the largest possible number of people.

We hope you will take a look at both our sites and let us know what you think. And, please follow us on Twitter (Lady Gaga does!) and Like us on Facebook.

Creative Common image (modern Furoshiki gift wrapping, from 6th Century Japan) by: Wolfgang