Guest Moses Mworeko Reflects on Coming Out

If you don’t say it, it will burn you.

Moses Mworeko Long-time member of the VenusPlusX family

Moses Mworeko
Long-time member of the VenusPlusX family

I usually think of coming out as repentance or seeking forgiveness for harboring,  consciously or unconsciously, a guilty act or feeling. A guilty act or feeling boils and sometimes kills us inside, unless it’s let out into the universe. When we are in charge of letting this out, coming out, we choose the universe’s consequences.

My brother sometime back reminded me of what our grandmother used to say…”Waba otakigambire nikikwotsya,” literally, “If you don’t say it, it will burn you.” She was talking about the consequences of harboring guilty feelings. You feel less than, abnormal, incompetent, unworthy, unlucky. We harbor negativity to protect us from the unknowns.  The longer we harbor this guilt the worse our imagination visualizes the worst, like ridicule, death, and hatred.

But you know what? That’s not the way it’s going to be.

It’s time to take charge of ourselves, own ourselves, our actions and feelings by coming out. Understanding ourselves is a process and so is coming out. You build the courage with time and when time is due, you come clean. When we do, we save ourselves and the people around us.

Happy National Coming Out Day!

–Moses Mworeko


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