Hashtags Breed Hashtags at Netroots Nation 2015

by Dan Klein Downtown Rochester, NY Flickr/creativecommons

by Dan Klein
Downtown Rochester, NY

I came to Netroots Nation this year after a 2-year absence in part to align with other activists and writers who are interested in ending the religious right’s erasure of church-state separation. We started with the too long hashtag, #VoteOutTheReligiousRight, presenting ideas for precipitating mass resignations through the exposure of dozens, even hundreds, of our elected and appointed officials who hold loyalties higher than the oaths of office they took when entering office, and their paper trail of ethical and financial misconduct because of those loyalties.

Our first tweet with some new hashtags was heavily engaged:



Help us between .

For the last month, I have been writing about The Family (aka The Fellowship) which is a large, secretive dominionist cult that has successfully permeated every branch and department of the U.S. government, and governments in practically every other country. (Index here.) Our elected and appointed officials that are members of The Family, and adhere to its dominionist philosophy, to replace our rule of law with (their version of) god’s law, put them in direct opposition of the freedoms they once swore to uphold and so often hypocritically tout.

Family members certainly are entitled to their religious beliefs if they keep them to themselves, but they meet on the taxpayers’ dime all over Capitol Hill every single day of the week, forwarding The Family’s single objective — this alone should be enough to disqualify them from public service. Calling for the end of our rule of law in favor of what can only be called “christian sharia,” certainly sounds like sedition.

But the way to get them out of government for good is to tap into the paper trail of ethical and financial violations they have made in office as they’ve carried out the parallel, secretive profiteering motivation of The Family which brings prosperity to their members. They might feel they deserve credit for all the good work they do abroad for Jesus, say building a needed hospital in a foreign country, but so much of the money, including U.S. Foreign Aid funneled into the project, ends up in these politician’s pockets and the pockets of the contractors and other members of The Family who participate in building that hospital. Along the way, The Family foments hatred of homosexuals, taking everyone’s attention away from their corruption and wholesale theft of taxpayer dollars and the host country’s natural resources.

Practically everyone I meet is surprised to learn this historical fact of American politics: In 1816, a full 70% of House incumbents, nearly 130 (out of 183) were voted out office in a single election cycle for caring more about increasing their salaries than the environmental catastrophe underway in New England where summer snows were precipitating starvation, death, and mass migrations.

We can repeat that feat in 2016! We’ll even settle for a smaller percentage of incumbents, our own list of more than 100 right wing trouble makers responsible for so much climate change-denying, facts-denying, punishing policies and laws hurting women, the poor, people of color, immigrants, and LGBT folk.

If you are interested in participating in this campaign, please contact me. Your country will thank you for standing up for the separation of church and state.

Alison Gardner