Here Is How We Can Send Republican Obstructionists Home For Good

This post is adapted from one I wrote last year, Purge 70% of US House of Representatives Incumbents Just Like They Did In 1816, one in a 40-part series regarding a secret cult, bankrolled by anti-government special interests, that operates hidden in plain site, controlling every branch of our government. This is NOT The Onion. As far-fetched as this 70-year siege sounds it also presents the key to rid us of the worst of the worst in the GOP, disgrace and repudiate Koch, et al, and rescue our democracy from the jaws of christian sharia.

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The name of this cult is The Family, aka The Fellowship. Some activists might know The Family via its C Street mansion in Washington, DC, for years riddled with with the sex scandals of elected officials who were housed while doing business in the US Congress. When we protested in front of the mansion The Family funders’ direct role in cynically riling up homophobia in Uganda (whose President Musevni is a Family member) only to mask their rape of the country’s natural resources and milking of its foreign aid pipeline.

Their much touted National Prayer Breakfast, The Family’s one public event, is actually the bane of the US State Department because it is a private, non-governmental entity which extends invitations to unknowing world leaders who believe they are being invited by the US Government. Presidents have attended this breakfast, further complicating this masquerade.

Many in the GOP, senators and representatives and governors (past and present, also attorneys general and a few presidents), such as Chuck Grassley, Jim Inhofe, and Sam Brownback, ascribe to Dominionism. (The Family’s fake christianity is based on dominionism.) It is a political and religious philosophy calling for the overtake of our government’s rule of law in order to replace it with [their primitive version of] god’s law — the constitutional and non-negotiable separation of church and state be damned.

Every single dominionist presently serving has taken their sacred oaths of office to serve the constitution, just with their fingers tightly and secretively crossed behind their back.

Prior to taking their office, these (GOP, white, male) lawmakers, each committed to the destruction of the democracy they only pretend to serve. Any review of their voting records will disclose that they are not there to serve but to legislate pain and suffering to hasten in god’s law, and are guilty of misusing tax dollars. Their legacy: Ballooning voting rights restrictions, campaigns against women, the poor, and LGBT people, debtors prisons, mass incarceration, income injustice, xenophobia and racism, social inequality, and anti-climate change ignorance, all the result of their single-minded and overarching religious goal.

Purging Congress

In the course of my research, I learned that this coming 2016 election will mark the 200th anniversary of the largest single purge of incumbent U.S. Representatives, the “highest rate of turnover in any congressional election in American history.” A full 75% of House incumbents were sent home over a conflict of interest. Back then, these congressmen were raising their pay while showing cruel indifference to starving, dying New Englanders, whose “Year Without A Summer” in 1816 (and 2 previous bad years). The exodus of many New Englanders, those that survived starvation practically led to the founding of the State of Ohio.

Disgust at the ballot box led to this, so how would we engineer a similar purge in 2016? Last year, I started asking everyone I knew: How could we organize in time to effect such an improving purge like those voters in 1816? I’d call even turning out 30% of House incumbents a good start.

Well, I’m here to say it is [still even 5 months out] possible.

Here’s how

So we’re talking about dozens if not hundreds of lawmakers who are acting everyday to enrich corporate elitists at the expense of the 98%. Admittedly, we have been mostly asleep at the wheel, not realizing that it is Dominionism that is the driving force of the tea party, right-wing groups such as ALEC, GOP domination of state legislatures, gerrymandered districting, and the billionaires who pay for all of it.

  1. Learn more about this cult and who the cult members are.
  2. Demand ethics investigations into their misuse of tax dollars for Family-directed work.
  3. Bring public pressure to question each one about their allegiance to their oaths of office.Will they choose between their dedication to the rule of law and their oath of office or their commitment to remake us as a repressive theocracy? Make them choose because legally, ethically, and constitutionally they can’t have both.

My study of dominionism over the last few years has helped me to better understand just what is wrong with our democracy, and how our laws are being transformed because these lawmakers’ confused religiosity. Now is the time to act, and that is why I have started to name names, and will continue to do this, while pushing for #StopDominionists. These folks represent a virulent form of American Fundamentalism, best described in the definitive investigative reporting from Jeff Sharlet in his two books, The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power, and C Street: The Fundamentalist Threat to American Democracy. Find out who these lawmakers are and make them make the choice: Their version of sharia law or us?

One important caveat to repeat

No one denies these folks their religious beliefs — have your faith but keep it to yourself, we say. What we DO object to in the strongest possible terms is politicians and other elected officials failing to obey the U.S. Constitution, our founding document which unapologetically makes the separation of church and state non-negoitiable for good reason.

More to come. Your participation will be welcomed.


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Alison Gardner