Introducing Terasem to VenusPlusX—Transreligion for Joyful Immortality

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Today VenusPlusX launches a new category of discussion—Transreligion. This brings into focus a topic we have occasionally touched on in the past in our posts such as Do You Believe in Fate? I Believe in Destiny!Can Atheism be True, Good, Beautiful, and Loving?Can I Transition to be a Transhuman?Where Did All This F*cking Evil Sh%t Come From?, and, of course, Transreligion—An Inspirational Framework for Transgender Transhumans.

A transreligion is basically a vision of future eternity and how we could potentially participate in it, now and beyond the limited lifespan of our biohost. You will find extensive presentations on a number of speculative transreligions through the video discussions archived by Giulio Prisco‘s Turing Church Workshop, which can be accessed at

In the weeks ahead, we will be publishing a series of commentaries and discussions about specific concepts of transreligion. These discussions are inspired by Terasem, the most conceptually developed of the various vitological visions that have been explored so far by the Turing Church group.

Terasem is a product of the vitological vision of Martine Rothblatt, who, with her “spice” Bina Aspen Rothblatt, has devoted a great deal of effort over the past 10 years to establishing a physical and legal structure for the long term support of programs of Terasem organizations. The social framework this enables will grow to support the social evolution of the ideals of Terasem into activities motivated by a transcendent vision of universal joyful immortality. That vision of an assured destiny will uplift human attitudes and behavior as all come to appreciate the reality of eternal existence.

Key ideas of Terasem include Joyful Immortality, Unity in Diversity, and the essential Goodness of Life. Although we will be discussing these and many other related ideas, if you want to take a look at what the founders of Terasem (Martine & Bina) have to say about what they are doing, you might start here or here or here or here or here.

Since there currently exists no forum devoted to exploration of the specific meanings and implications of Terasem, we begin this project in the hope that others with a personal interest in the evolution and development of a unifying transreligion will share this material with their audiences, so that we can all work towards a broadly distributed multi-person understanding of these emergent concepts.

For an introduction to Martine Rothblatt and her decade-long adventure with Terasem, you may wish to view her recent public presentations on the subject:
(start at 39 minutes)