Is the End Game for the Religious Right Really a Civil War? (Part 1 of 2)

“For some people the future of their faith and of the nation are in danger, threatened by secular forces controlled by Satan himself.”  Christian right’s rage problem — How white fundamentalists are roiling America (

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When I talk to my friend, Michael Rogers, about how the religious right is guided by a political-religious dominionist philosophy demanding the end of our rule of law in favor of (their version of) god’s law, he warns me that they won’t stop until they force either (or both) a constitutional convention or civil war, reminding me that they are armed to the teeth.

For a long time, I set Michael’s dire predictions aside while envisioning a more peaceful, lawful way to #VoteOutTheReligiousRight based on its alignment with dominionist cults costing taxpapers millions of dollars. Exposing just one of these cults, the largest, most secretive, and profit-centered of these called The Family (aka The Fellowship), we know that this one organization has 10,000+ cells worldwide and has already infiltrated every branch and department of local, state, and federal government, and more than 150 other countries. The Family activities pursued within our government, designed to make money for its members, should not be banished because of religion but because of the organization’s misuse of tax dollars in pursuing their aim to extinguish the rule of law and bring about “christian sharia.”

Nonetheless, I decided to look into this claim of waging a civil war further, especially since the latest cry of the religious right is that liberals, especially atheists, have embarked on a so-called war on christianity. No doubt, this band of certain christians wants to claim they are being persecuted as more that people of good will, including mainstream christians, assert the constitutional separation of church and state. The religious right’s paranoia is a natural expression of their built-in ideological bellicosity and a clear case of psychological transference.

But are they a threat to life and limb? Part 2 will arrive tomorrow to try to answer this question. In the meantime, send me your thoughts.




Alison Gardner