Let the Good News Flow

Just yesterday, I noted a trifecta of good news, and today two more actions by the US Supreme Court immediately followed: The justices refused to entertain an appeal by pharmacists to use religious exemptions in their refusal to fill birth control prescriptions; and they finally ended the quest of county clerks like Kim Davis in Kentucky, all of whom are government employees, from refusing marriage licenses based on their religious beliefs.

Sometimes, more and more frequently these days, we see more good news, more progress towards that better world we can envision. Our manifesto describes the mechanics of how positive change takes shape and its progressive nature that makes it accumulate at a faster and faster pace.



Also announced this week, a 22-year ban on providing college financial aid to prisoners was overridden by President Obama’s Second Chance Pell Pilot Program, making as many as 12,000 inmates free to to apply for the grants which cover books, tuition, and fees. While I’ve written extensively on the scourge of mass incarceration in the US and what needs to be done, this bright step forward gives one hope.

“Access to high quality education is vital to ensuring that justice-involved individuals have an opportunity to reclaim their lives and restore their futures. This program will help give deserving incarcerated individuals the skills to live lives of purpose and contribute to society upon their release.”
— Attorney General Loretta Lynch

What do you see in the world around you that qualifies as good news in the march toward a better world?


Alison Gardner