Media Finally Discovering Dominionism and How It’s Driving the Religious Right

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via Impact Press
Fair use/educational

This summer for me began when I decided to turn up the heat up with the goal to #VoteOutTheReligiousRight (complete index here). Though the number of evangelicals has been declining, the influence of the religious right, personified by so many of our politicians past and present, is consuming our government like a flesh-eating disease. As we passively allow church-state separation to crumble, all of us are complicit in bringing about christian sharia in the USA.

In order to disqualify the religious right from public service we have to understand Dominionism, a political and religious philosophy calling for the end of the rule of law in favor of these fake christians’ version of god’s law. Lots of folks have never heard of Dominionism, but it is everywhere, hiding in plain sight and driving the zealotry of the religious right.

Now, however, we are starting to see a greater awareness as people start looking into why certain politicians are being so ardent in their unbalanced pronouncements, why they are so obsessed with women and sex, why they have destroyed all respect for conservative ideology which they have transformed into a vehicle to legally discriminate. These politicians’ treatment of the poor, alone, discloses just how un-christian they are. These are fake christians who even make war against liberal christians.

Maybe I coined the word, I don’t know, but I’ve long called them self-repudiating simply because hypocrisy destroys its host, eventually. The greater the hypocrisy the quicker the hypocrite is exposed.

The Duggars are dominionists. Their cult is called Quivverful (as in 19 And Counting), and the deterioration of their humanity continues to be fully on display.

But Dominionism has seen its most organized and powerful expression through a secretive cult that has been around for 7 decades. It’s called The Family or The Fellowship. Although painting itself as a benign christian organization, The Family’s focus is the power, wealth, and the political influence of its members who don’t even have to be a christian. The are behind the big lie that is the National Prayer Breakfast designed for their rogue diplomacy. On any given day in Washington, DC, all over Capitol Hill, meetings of Family operatives take place, man-hours that you as a taxpayer are paying for — their salaries, the meeting space, the food served. You also pay for sending them on foreign trips, the better to exploit other nations’ natural resources and scoop up kick-backs on U.S. foreign aid projects. With 10,000 cells worldwide, many of the politicians in these foreign countries have become members of The Family so they too can share in the profiteering.

Dominionist philosophy has no place in our government. Dominionism is the nucleus and power source of the religious right and represents an impeachable conflict of interest, but it will be their misuse of taxpayer dollars that will, and should, bring them down.  The time to #VoteOutTheReligiousRight is now. Two hundred years ago, 70% of House incumbents were sent packing in a single election cycle, also for a gross conflict of interest. We can do it again: Work for candidates running in opposition to the religious right. Register to vote. Vote.



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Alison Gardner