Meek, Arise! Defeat the Bullies!

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También en español More clearly than at any other time in our past, the underlying mechanisms of oppression by which our cultures maintain the status quo are coming into sharp relief. These mechanisms divide the public interest into warring groups, easy to suborn and emasculate through political manipulation. For far too long the attention of the people, whom religion, government, and commerce exist only to serve, has been manipulated and diverted into hatred of their fellows rather than love and respect for individual autonomy. The collective folly and false presentations of reality presented by religion, government, and commerce instead force each of us to compete for resources and privileges of life because they are deliberately kept in extreme scarcity by artificial systems of ownership and distribution designed to support oppression.

Finally, the pretentions to love, truth, and public service are progressively falling away from human delusions of religion, government, and commerce. This is exposing the vicious zombie program that soullessly drives forward a cruel and uncaring social fate selected by bullies for personal and collective advantage over their fellow humans. We see exposed the naked foundations of human oppression. And they begin with sexual repression, culturally forced on infants the day they are born and never relaxed afterwards. And the brutality of this completely failed cultural system perpetuates itself as one generation insists that the next adopt its obscene and failed ideas and ideals.

Today the meek can see that their entire lives and life expression are being dominated and shaped by uncaring bullies, who have conspired to seize control of all human rights and liberties, denying the most basic needs to everyone who dare challenge the selfish execution of their desires against the whole of human welfare and progress.

by Khannea Suntzu

The time is at hand to end the bullying. The time is at hand to turn your back on the demands of a false and failed culture that would control your every desire, including the most basic forms of sex and gender freedom. The time is at hand to recognize the falsity of all religious myth, of all government hallucinations of moral purpose, and of all greed-based commerce. Those who would practice such bullying must be forced from society and isolated in their own personal world of delusion, never to abuse the trust of the meek again. The systems they have erected for their power and enrichment must be disassembled and reformed to the purposes of humanity or allowed to rot and decay in their own purposelessness.

Today the bullies have become well-organized and open in the expression of their desire to fully enslave the rest of humanity. The public statements of religious, governmental, and commercial leaders continually disclose their greed and cynicism, free at last from false assertions of selflessness or service that have surrounded them for millennia. Now they admit their purposes, even flaunt them inhumanely, so no intelligent person can fail to realize a personal responsibility to end the bullying forever and the bullies’ processes of persecution of the meek.

We outnumber them by the billions and there is absolutely nothing they can do if we all refuse to play their evil games. The bullies will try to use the meek who have bought into the system of oppression to force the disenfranchised to participate in this system that is unfair to their interests. The bullies will, as usual, try to do this with military and police force. Many members of these forces are not bullies but are themselves among the most oppressed by the bullies. When they come to understand the reality of their oppression they will refuse to continue to play the vile roles for which the bullies have so long exploited their fears.

Put another way, if you let some asshole dictate to you how to express your most basic sexual/gender character by legally limiting or guilting your behavior, you have enslaved yourself by giving them control over every less important thing you might think or want to do. You have denied your most central aspect of being in submitting to their ignorant or cynical delusion.

Defeat the bullies and you bring to an end the oppressive culture we have known and endured all our lives. We can replace it with a far better world in which all work together in diverse ways to accomplish common goods for the benefit of all, not just a few worthless bullies. The resulting rewards to humanity as all move forward in unity are beyond human experience and human imagination. Meek, arise!

–Dan Massey