Newly expanded VenusPlusX rolls out

We are expanding with our retooled website to fulfill VenusPlusX’s mission to help usher in “The New Age of Sexual Freedom” – a world free from the global culture of racial, sexual, and gender oppression and violence driven by governments, religions, corporations, and social custom.

We aim to do that with the site’s new utilities and capabilities, bringing the voices of our diverse allies via our campaigns, initiatives, educational and advocacy programs, and grassroots organizing.

Some highlights . . .

  • New videos daily as part of our Sexual Freedom Project. LilMike will bring us videos, poems, essays, artwork, and other original submissions from readers on the topic of sexual freedom, or anything else that is covered by VenusPlusX. And, there is a free VenusPlusX t-shirt for participating.
  • Join a national conversation on Transunity and Transleadership, addressing lots of challenging and urgent questions, with our Guest Feature Editor, Jos Truitt. Jos, Alison, and Dan will be hosting several live twitter chats next week at Atlanta’s Southern Comfort Conference.
  • Zain Rizvi, Adrianna Midamba, and other international activists join Kushaba “Moses” Mworeko’s Global Sexual Freedom Watch, widening our response to the imprisonment, sexual mutilation, and murders of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people, the severe curtailment of women’s rights, human trafficking, and the steady eradication of anyone who is HIV+ — in 100s of countries. Use the annotated bibliography as a resource and to get involved. Fundraising to support LGBT US asylum seekers is also on deck.
  • Jack Diehl will be giving us his wry take on his favorite news stories everyday.
  • And, Dan Massey will continue to write on the broad topic of Transhuman Erotic Freedom, adding to his large archive from the past year. Includes an annotated Table of Contents. Prepare for The New Age of Sexual Freedom.

I will be reporting on America’s general problem with sex and gender, and how this is connected to violent oppression across the globe through flawed government laws and policies, often exploited by American businessmen and politicians. I’ll also be charting the grassroots to help focus “boots on the ground” when/where needed.

Please let us know what you think of the new site and ways we can improve it. To help expand our reach, add us to your blog roll, tell your friends, and “Like” us on Facebook, “Like-Favorite-Comment-Subscribe” to our YouTube videos, “Follow” us on Twitter, and post or email your uncensored comments.

We are here for you, take off to the new age of sexual freedom.