No More Right Wing, Just Religious Right

“It would disturb me if there was a wedding between the religious fundamentalists and the political right. The hard right has no interest in religion except to manipulate it.”

Dan Lacey Portrait of Reverend Billy Graham Flickr/creative commons Fair use/educational

Dan Lacey Portrait of Reverend Billy Graham
Flickr/creative commons
Fair use/educational

That quote is from 1981, and its prescience comes from an unlikely source: evangelical superstar Billy Graham. No one was or is more embedded in the religious fundamentalist culture, but even he foresaw the coming perversion of religious-based politics.

Through this summer, I have been equating the religious right with the GOP because every Republican elected and appointed official has by now been completely co-opted by their science-denying, punishing, and harmful agenda. The religious right seeks nothing short of the institution of a so-called christian nation even if they have to destroy the Republican Party, our rule of law, and our democracy in the process.

Both the irreligious and the fake christian politicians comprising the religious right are working together where they can agree — serving the fortunes of their corporate donors and themselves. This alone permanently seals their joined destiny, erasing forever any differentiation between the Right and the Religious Right; they have become one and the same as far as you are concerned.

None of these corrupt polititians care one bit about religion, no matter how devout they portray themselves (Exhibit A, apostate Donald Trump). If they were actually Christians, they wouldn’t be using religion as a means to divide and degrade the public-at-large in order to hide the fact that they are stealing our democracy and human rights.

But, and this is a big but, Republicans who have allowed themselves to be swept away and forced to defend the religious right probably don’t realize just how evil their bargain really is.

While both the irreligious and the fake christians comprising the religious right are satisfied by every success they achieve that concentrates the wealth and resources of in the hands of the chosen (white, male) few, the fake christians want something more than that. They want all of us, themselves included, to leap into the dark abyss wherein they can remake the United States, not with the rule of law, not another stab at democracy, but as a totalitarian regime based on their subjective version of god’s law.

The order has already come down to precipitate this end of the rule of law by forcing a constitutional crisis based specious judicial and legislative challenges, or, if necessary, through a civil war (remembering how much they love their guns). If you adopt the right lens to view this, you can see how their actions line up like ducks in a row.

This is what makes the Republican Party a category red threat to homeland security because this unholy coalition of the religious right plans to bring everything down to make way for christian sharia. It is all based on the political and religious philosophy of dominionism which these fake christians live to personify.

The Republican Party seems to be doing a good job of repudiating itself lately but we have to do everything we can to put them out of business, permanently. If we are to have a two-party system, then let’s have the Democrats and the rise of another party left of them, like the Green Party or something like that. There is no future to the Republican Party because the religious right actually wants the very infrastructure of government to collapse.

If you are a Christian that doesn’t believe in the religious right, if you are a woman, if you are poor or undocumented, if you are LGBT, start doing something today to #VoteOutTheReligiousRight, and click here to find out how we can send 100+ of them packing in November 2016.





Alison Gardner