On the Anniversary of Custer’s Last Stand, the Religious Right Implodes

Self-repudiation: (def.) the ability to shoot one’s self in the foot by one’s own words and deeds.

Major G. A. Custer Flickr/creative commons

Major G. A. Custer
Flickr/creative commons

Custer was part of a murderous US political-military strategy that wiped out 95% of the indigenous First Peoples. Pause to think about today’s survivors and how they see the American flag’s stars and stripes as a relic of terrorism and racism, just as much as we are trying to make the flag of the confederacy disappear.

Today the progeny of these religious European expansionists continues attempts to silence (perhaps not be murder) nearly as many of us because we don’t fit in with their goal of making American a christian nation. Today’s American fundamentalism is based entirely on its constitution-stomping, political-religious dominionist philosophy calling for the end of the rule of law in favor of (their by nature subjective version of) gods law. You can find more here about the largest dominionist cult called The Family, aka The Fellowship, that permeates every branch of our government, and fuels and funds the religious right. And, also see what you can do about it.

I’ve used this word, self-repudiation (I may be coining the word), because I am convinced that negative thoughts are not only their own punishment, the more negative they are the better they substantiate and favor opposing viewpoints, illuminating the “right side of history” for all to see.

Let me for a moment, personify these trouble-makers with their negative thoughts . . .

  • Unions, trains, Headstart, healthcare for all, and free college tuition are socialist schemes.
  • Taxing the wealthy is a socialist scheme for redistribution and reparations, and will ruin the economy.
  • We must all be armed to go to war with civil government, when called by Jesus to do so.
  • Climate science is a hoax — catastrophic weather, the danger of fracking, infrastructure improvements, and a break from fossil fuel dependency are off the table.
  • All social programs are undeserved rewards for laziness, and a waste of time and money.
  • Birth control is equivalent to abortion, and both are immoral.
  • Poor people deserve their lot in life, and helping them actually hurts them.
  • Black and brown people are inherently untrustworthy and therefore unworthy of any empathy.
  • Only white christians should vote.
  • Religious freedom gives me the right to impose my religion on other people, and, especially, on my government.

Okay, enough, you get the picture. You already know this mentality if you pay attention to GOP legislative, presidential, and judicial decision-making. Psychologists continue to raise the alarm about anti-intellectualism and the damage it does to society, but combined with irrational religiosity, the only result is personality dissemblance. Their undoing is upon us.

Not only is it within our power today to affect a positive and progressive 2016 election by simply getting everyone registered and out to vote, the actions and words of the religious right are practically doing all the work for us, pretty much guaranteeing Democratic advances, even by default. (But we must remain diligently committed to coming out to vote on election day.)

The religious right’s heads are exploding, especially those currently in government, and it is just going to get worse for them as campaigning draws their seedy attitudes into the sunlight. Today was a boost with two very positive Supreme Court decisions on the ACA and Fair Housing Law, along with other victories today, such as against JONAH‘s harmful ex-gay therapy, found to be “fraudulent;” and a county judge in Kansas striking down an abortion bill because he agreed with the plaintiffs that it “violates the  the bodily integrity of women.”

Regrading the likely ruling in favor of marriage equality, tomorrow or Monday, the religious right has promised a civil war if this happens, but isn’t it already underway? Only an election that sends most of them home in 2016 will help us recover from the damage they have already caused. (For precedent, see 1816 when 70% of House incumbents were sent home in one election cycle.)

Find out how you can get involved, locally and nationally, to restore church-state separation, and make sure these religious officeholders are forced to choose which oath they hold supreme.


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A reminder to our readers: We do not deny any individual, group, church, or cult their religious beliefs. But we do demand that if they are in public service, they abide by our Constitution and all of its provisions. Our series on the religious right now in its third week is a combination of research, intuition, and personal experience. They are opinion-editorials for the purposes of education (Fair Use).





Alison Gardner