One Word To Legalize Prostitution

The desire for love, for touch, for compassion, and for companionship and the improvement of physical health doesn’t have and shouldn’t have any boundaries or interference by governments or religions because our erotic senses are foundational to our connection with others and the cosmic technology around us.

The above is an excerpt of a post I wrote in June, entitled, “Voluntary sex work is destined to evolve into a legitimate Sexual Healing Industry.”

flickr/creative commons
flickr/creative commons

As organizations make way for this discussion, some having worked on legalizing prostitution for more than a decade, I offer the words, “sexual healing” to substitute for the words, “prostitution” and “sex work.” It’s a business like any other business. As long as it’s entirely voluntary, it can provide revenue to people who choose it as one would choose any other job, and healing for so many people in need.

Sexual healing more aptly describes what these exchanges are about, paying for something we might have wished we got for free but otherwise need as much as the next person. By focusing on the value inherent in the exchange in recognition of the fact that this is a matter of healing as much as anything else, we change the dynamics of the discussion, and bring this activity out of the shadows, and help focus more on the unnecessary criminalization of it.

“Hey, I’ll be home late tonight because I am going to my sexual healing therapist after yoga” should be the norm. The sexual healing industry shall become just as benign as any other therapy or activity. As previously asserted, “Crime, sex trafficking, and financial exploitation accompany sex work only because it has always been criminalized.

A realignment of this entire discussion is long overdue. What do you think?