Our Existential Crisis

Photo by A. Golden Flickr/creativecommons

Writing for Salon.com, Andrew O’Hehir points with clarity at the escalating stakes in our “existential crisis . . . the new civil war over the nature of reality.”

Using The Civil War as a corollary, where both sides fought with conviction for “freedom” with completely different definitions of that word, Hehir writes, “We are an intensely divided country — in terms of race, culture and ideology, of course, but also in terms of basic facts and how to understand them.”

No doubt it’s overstating the case to say that America has a white reality and a black reality, which are mutually contradictory and rarely overlap, but it’s not overstating by much.

O’Hehir’s point drives home the urgent need for a US Truth and Reconciliation Commission, as I’ve been writing all week.

Other countries, such South Africa, and even holocaust-stained Germany, succeeded in coming together as a nation, without legal jeopardy or punishment, to acknowledge their historical racial injustice and its lasting, and compounding, effects. Only then, could these countries forge solutions and and heal the gravest of wounds. We have to do the same.

I crave and welcome your participation. I will be in St. Louis next week for Netroots Nation 2016 and hope to meet some of you in person to find out how we can do more to make such a commission as possible.

The fuse has been lit. We haven’t a moment to waste.



Check out O’Hehir’s entire piece: Death in Dallas and America’s existential crisis: Our new “civil war”over the nature of reality


Alison Gardner