Who would you nominate for a US Truth and Reconciliation Commission?

Nominations for the US Truth and Reconciliation Commission will be needed. A commission like this, used so successfully in South Africa and Germany, is something transactional justice lawyers and activists have been calling for as the only solution to the dilemma of racial unrest we are experiencing.

These commissions are made up of stakeholders from all points-of-view who come together in a extra-judicial forum because they are not about punishment, just truth and reconciliation. It is through these commissions, and the whole of society’s experience of them, that we can come together as a nation with a set of solutions so we never return to this horrible place.

A good measure of today’s unrest is the compounding and lasting effects of the racism of our nation’s founding as the first ever constitutional police state. The First Peoples (90% of whom were exterminated), families kidnapped into slavery, and today’s modern enslavement of people of color through mass incarceration and judicial malpractice all must be fully reconciled.

Photo by Pete Prodoehl Flickr/creativecommons

Photo by Pete Prodoehl

Representatives of and actual victims of our country’s racism are the first to sit down. Next they will be joined by experts in obvious areas such as economics, psychology, the law, etc.

But who would you like to see leading this commission or taking a seat to help it succeed?

I nominate President Obama.

Who would you add?



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Alison Gardner