Scalia Just Outed Himself as Secret Dominionist

Poster of Justice Antonin Scalia by Mike Licht, yesterday Flickr/creative commons

Poster of Justice Antonin Scalia by Mike Licht, yesterday
Flickr/creative commons

In his dissenting opinion to today’s Supreme Court decision that has made marriage equality the law of the land, Justice Antonin Scalia was very emotional and just as dissembled as he was yesterday after the American Care Act was upheld, and many days before. But his few court-published words this morning in particular make them tower in importance because they are so succinctly self-incriminating (something I like to call self-repudiation).

“Today’s decree says that my Ruler, and the Ruler of 320 million Americans coast-to-coast, is a majority of the nine lawyers on the Supreme Court.”

I recently posited that the cascade of GOP implosions is now fully upon us because of the religious right’s inherent conflict of interest. And, I have written many times that Scalia has to go, be impeached (including here, here, and here, and, last week, here).

— Not only because Scalia is staunchly and seemingly blindly on the side of the religious right, a legendary denier of facts and science.

— And not only because Scalia is an American Fundamentalist and a follower of dominionist philosophy. He is certainly protected by law to hold his own religious beliefs as each of us are entitled to our own, or to none, for that is the true meaning of religious freedom in our founding documents.

— But, it’s because Scalia, along with dozens, even hundreds, of others currently serving in government or planning to, holds membership in one of the highly secretive dominionist cults that carries with it an oath that overrides all other oaths, including the one he took in 1986 when he arrived as a new justice on the Supreme Court.

Dominionism is a political and religious philosophy active in North America since the arrival of the first puritan settlers. This political-religious philosophy demands of Scalia that he work closely with his fellow dominionists to actively replace the rule of law with “god’s law” (at least their subjective version of god’s law). This is their philosophy, the religious liberty they are alluding to, and it is infecting our government at every level, including most of the GOP presidential hopefuls. They all must be disqualified permanently from public service, and we think we know how to do it before the 2016 elections.

Scalia has been know to pray and have business meetings on a regular basis, on government time, on your tax dollar, with one of the largest and most secretive of these dominionist cults, The Family/The Fellowship, which has been the subject of over a dozen of my posts in the last 3 weeks.

Scalia has now entered into the public record that his commitment to his religious oath, the one that seeks to dispense with the rule of law, democracy, and any church-state separation, is supreme in his own heart and mind. He is clearly working for other folks who want to take away your rights.

Please join me in doing something about it.


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Alison Gardner