Scared of Their Own Shadow: The Inherent Paranoia of Anti-Government Militias

By Mike Licht Flickr/creative commons

By Mike Licht
Flickr/creative commons

If any more proof was needed to show the distortion of the Second Amendment, a listen to this broadcast over the weekend discussing the schisms among the Oath Keepers, following their crazy foray in Ferguson, will do the trick.

Militias and those militant about their subjective view of the Second Amendment are by nature anti-government. They presume to elevate their personal paranoia to DefCon4, and pay no attention to the facts on the ground that might interfere with their own narcissism.

Just this past weekend, about 3,000 Teapartiers and Oath Keepers rallied to secede from New York state, further proof of their delusions.

Guns are scary, but they are scariest to those who worship the right to use them. Only those who stopped paying attention in school beyond third grade or who have chosen intentional ignorance to rectify their own hypocrisy and other upside down thoughts, misunderstand that the Second Amendment was specifically engineered to protect the people from the abridgment of our Constitution, only. It was not meant for the abuse by militias and other so-called second amendment advocates to meet their own paranoia coming back to bite them.

Many of these militias have already been identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) as hate groups. They want chaos over peace. They are willing to lay down their lives to protect the right to bear arms to express whatever personal predilections that they cannot resolve on an intellectual level. They will resist all measures to reduce the number of firearms and the ways they may be owned. Along with the National Rifle Association (NRA), they are the chief block of resistance to gun control legislation. They are fearsome because they are so afraid.

In a country where there are as many guns as people, where the presence of guns in the home leads to suicides and accidental death, this particular group needs special handling, by everyone. Members of their family who do not share their loved one’s paranoia about the government must help them stand down, while we redouble our efforts to educate and reduce the number of guns available. If we don’t, we become co-conspirators working to destroy the rule of law.




Alison Gardner