Sexual Freedom Concerns Heterosexuals, Too!

(También en Español)

While many people on the street may assume that anything referring to “sexual freedom” would be most likely to focus primarily, if not entirely, on the LGBT community, this is incorrect.

In fact, sexual freedom belongs to everyone!

With so many societal regulations in place over who can have sexual contact with whom, what acts they practice, or when someone is “sleeping around” too much, this is just as much of an issue for heterosexuals as it is for any member of the LGBT community.  For example, BDSM is generally looked down upon by members of the public-at-large, but many people who have gotten involved in this sort of fetishism thoroughly enjoy it, and many of them are heterosexuals.

Shouldn’t everyone be able to practice their sexual desires the way that they want to, instead of how society tells us to? It’s only being free to be who you really are.