Sexual Freedom Program Schedule

Sexual FreedomWe are happy to share the Program Schedule of special sexual freedom programming on Friday and Saturday, February 4-5, 2011, at Minneapolis’ Hotel Ivy across the skyway from the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force’s Creating Change 2011 conference. All events take place in The Hotel Ivy “Beethoven” Room and free to the general public and Creating Change attendees.

Program highlights include:

A New Paradigm for Equal Rights;

Sexual Freedom and Human Rights, featuring Kushaba “Moses” Mworeko;

Exploring Your Sexuality and Gender in Second Life;

The New Age of Erotic Freedom: A Conversation with Loraine Hutchins and Dan Massey;

Campaign Planning and Messaging Training;

Sexual Freedom Political Caucuses, Demos, Parties, and more.

All events are free and open to the public and Creating Change attendees. Click here for the entire Program Schedule.