Sexual Freedom Website Launch Today!

Sexual FreedomWelcome to VenusPlusX — powered by Team Columbia.

From this modest beginning our goal is not just to change the conversation about equal rights. We intend to change the very atmosphere in which this conversation is taking place.

Friends of reality can demonstrate how to protect and advance our innate sexual freedom. The individual autonomy we each possess commands mutual respect and is grounded in all other human rights. Sexual freedom is a more inclusive concept than even government-granted civil rights.

“Sexual Freedom — You Are Born With It” is our slogan and also our battle-cry.

Sexual freedom advocates are aligning around the world to publicly discredit the tyrants that seek to marginalize and criminalize people through uninvited and unnecessary incursions in the name of the state, a religion, or always the worst of all, the unholy combination of the two.

Today heralds the end of our collective enslavement. Signs of an epochal tipping point are everywhere. It is a near future where reproductive rights, sexual orientation, gender identification, and sexual practice are not matters of some busybody’s politics or defective ideals.

Compassion, tolerance, enhanced creativity, proven leadership, and diverse personal relationships are emblematic of those who choose sexual freedom over sexual repression. We are the new generation, a rising majority wielding love and truth to disarm those who try to erase us from the face of the earth, who will at long last eliminate the stain of discrimination and set the world free.

We hope you will stay tuned and join in our one and only cause: universal sexual freedom.

Alison & Dan