#StopDominionism in Government Now!

Dominionism, particularly the virulent American Fundamentalist brand of Dominionism, is a political and religious philosophy that pervades the U.S. government and governments around the world. This philosophy calls for the end of rule by man to be replaced with (their version) of god’s law.

Flickr/creative commons

Flickr/creative commons

Many of the GOP presidential candidates and incumbents in House and Senate up for re-election, for decades and in 2016, are dominionists. We (you and I) are responsible for allowing them to seep into our democracy and cause it to rot from within. Their religious commitment to an Ayn-Rand-styled nightmare theocracy takes precedence over all other decisions that affect you and me. When they took their constitutional oaths of office, this is what they were thinking about instead: (their) god’s law on earth, as they crossed their fingers behind their backs so as not to offend (their version of) Jesus. They are resolute in their own self-styled higher calling despite its bankruptcy and that is why so much of what they do and say doesn’t make sense to the rest of us.

We don’t call for any end of their beliefs, no matter how strange they may seem, but we demand absolutely that they abide by the Constitutional separation of church and state, and stop punishing women, minorities, the poor, the undocumented, the disenfranchised, and the victims climate change.

What if we could get rid of the most troublesome incumbent traitors to our Constitution in one election year? Consider the largest purge of congress in American history in December of 1816 when a whopping 70% lost their re-elections and were sent home after the lame duck session. They had failed to respond to the New England catastrophe that left 1000s hungry, sick, and dying because it was snowing in the summertime while they instead focused on raising their own salaries. I would say our current distaste for GOP politicians is surely equal or greater than it was for these voters 200 years ago.

Dominionism is the achilles heel of the GOP and it has been there all the time but hidden and insidious at the same time. Why shouldn’t we use it to pull the rug out from under these pious theocrants? Theocrants, is a made up word, as in miscreant, maybe it will catch on.

We have the names of past and present office holders, judges, attorneys generals. Shouldn’t we be asking them about this? If they cannot explain how their philosophy can coexist with, without running counter to, our democracy and the rule of law, they should be forced to resign.

We are calling on our government and political parties to #StopDominionism in public service. Will you join in?


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Alison Gardner