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I will be continuing in this space to demonstrate how American Dominionism — a political and religious philosophy calling for the end of rule of law and replacing it with (their skewed version of) “god’s law” — is poisoning our democracy with a total disregard for the separation of church and state. Today, I would like you, if you haven’t already, to become familiar with and support the great work being done by Americans United for the Separation of Church and State (

Fair Use/Educational

Fair Use/Educational

Their website is a must-read for anyone who cares how our democracy is being whittled away through so-called religious freedom advocates and radical right-wing utilities such as ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council). Make no mistake, act now because christian sharia is their unbending goal.

First of all, dominionists know and care nothing about actual religious freedom. American Dominionism springs from the Puritans who were so fundamental and annoying in imposing their questionable beliefs onto others that England sent them away to the North American wilderness centuries ago.

Your personal freedom to practice your religion or no religion without interference from the state is guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. This means that you are protected from being forced through legislation or executive/judicial action to abide by anyone else’s religious beliefs. We, as voters, and especially those who do not vote, have to take responsibility for allowing our country to go in the opposite, and entirely repressive, other direction.

We don’t rally against these religionists or their personal beliefs, but we do demand that they absolutely adhere to full church-state separation.

Check AU’s latest issue of Church & State (June 2015), and the latest on This is a site sure to become a source for information for anyone demanding the end of this scourge upon our nation.

Long live the culture wars . . .

Here’s another reason social issues will loom large for at least some of the campaign: marriage equality. In a matter of weeks, the U.S. Supreme Court will hand down a decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, a case that may extend same-sex marriage nationwide. Some states, chiefly Indiana, North Carolina and Michigan, are already passing legislation designed to blunt the effects of this ruling by making it harder for gay couples to get married, adopt children and so on.

North Carolina Legislators Will Regret The Day They Voted For Religion-Based Discrimination

“The personal prejudices of government officials don’t trump basic rights.” [Rev. Barry Lynn, Executive Director of Americans United for Church and State]

Creeping Creationism: La. School District Says Teachers May Use The Bible During Science Lessons

Bossier Parrish schools are under fire thanks to some stellar investigative work by science education activist Zack Kopplin, an Americans United ally. Through an open records request, Kopplin obtained scores of emails proving that creationism runs rampant in Bossier Parrish’s public schools. One such email, from Airline High School science teacher Shawna Creamer to her principal, was particularly eyebrow raising.

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