The Sexual Freedom Project: The Glass Closet

(También en Español) What issues in your own family that are "off limits" in terms of discussion due to past or present circumstances? Does your family make you live in a glass closet, where everyone knows about your sexual orientation and/or gender identity but just are unwilling to talk about it?  Do you wish your family was more comfortable talking about these tender issues? Make a video, write a poem, song, or an essay — or even create an original work of art — and express your thoughts. If we feature your contribution on the site, we will send you a ...

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Adam Lambert’s Post-Gay World

Adam Lambert Flickr/creative commons

Adam Lambert Is a 'Killer' Queen by Daniel Reynolds for The Advocate

Dan Massey and I had a somewhat secret passion for Adam Lambert ever since he sang Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen for his audition on American Idol in 2009. (Can you even remember who came in first to his second place finish?) We once spent a weekend in Baltimore and Washington, DC, attending two of Lambert's early concerts coinciding with his first album. They were medium-sized venues, and at the last one I got lost finding the restroom ...

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Bill Gates gives $750 million to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

(También en español) News of Note: Gates Foundation gives $750 million to Global Fund The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation gave $750 million Thursday to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria to help assure that the organization can keep supplying AIDS drugs while it seeks to adjust to the economic downturn. The Global Fund, which has disbursed $15.1 billion to low-income countries over the past decade, said in November that it would not award any new grants until 2014. Nearly all of the fund’s money comes from governments in the industrialized world, many of which were unwilling to increase ...

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HIV vaccine developed in Canada approved for human studies

News of Note: HIV vaccine developed in Canada approved for human studies A Canadian-developed vaccine to prevent HIV has been given the green light for testing in human clinical trials. The vaccine, developed by researchers at the University of Western Ontario, has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to start being tested in humans in January. It is the first preventive HIV vaccine approved for clinical trials to use a whole HIV-1 virus, which has been both killed and genetically engineered, to activate immunity. In this way, the new vaccine is much like the killed whole virus vaccines that ...

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Online gamers crack AIDS enzyme puzzle

Gamers solve molecular puzzle that baffled scientists” There is this website, People go there to play a video game about Protein Folding. Players can contribute to science by solving these puzzles. Wikipedia sums up the news nicely: “. . . online gamers used Foldit to decipher the crystal structure of M-PMV retroviral protease, which is linked to an AIDS-like virus. Players produced an accurate 3D model of the enzyme in just three weeks. The problem had thwarted scientists for a decade.”   This is significant: We haven’t hit the singularity yet, but the ...

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We are our pride – Kushaba Moses Mworeko

It was June 5, 1981, when the first cases of HIV were reported ( Yes, in the USA, this was referred to as a gay disease and to some people it still is. But to a person like me who comes from a place where the disease was and is heavily among heterosexuals, I have to disagree. As years have gone by, education and awareness campaigns and research on this disease have helped to dispel the myths. It has taken years for Africans to understand that a witch doctor’s diagnosis and prescription of expensive sacrifices for this disease were not ...

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