The Sexual Freedom Project: A Personal Journey

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Was your own coming out gradual? Or have you always known? Were you out to other people before you fully realized you were gay? Has coming out changed the direction of your life or not? Has coming out changed your sense of social justice or another aspect of your life.

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Video edited by Tiye Massey.

The Sexual Freedom Project: Bisexuality

For some people, bisexuality is their sexual orientation, and it’s here to stay. For some other people, coming out as bisexual is a first step to admitting that they’re gay — to friends and family, perhaps even to themselves. The men in these two videos have a lot to say about bisexuality. (Note: Some video not appropriate for certain environments.)

Did these videos make you change your opinions about bisexuality, or even reconsider them?

What’s your reaction upon learning someone is bisexual? Do you automatically think they are just confused, just as straight people think of gay people?Is it ever our place to try to influence someone else’s sexual orientation. Some believe bisexuals suffer discrimination from all sides, from both gay and straight people, so what do you think?

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