Transhumans Transform the World

by Alice Popcorn Flickr/creative commons

Transhumanism has a very simple definition, so you may be a transhuman without realizing it: Transhumans translate their ideal visions of what the world can become into actions they can accomplish in the here and now. For example, transhumans envisioned new technology for driverless cars, decades ago. What was once considered fanciful is now recognized as inevitable as we now see some of these cars on our highways and local streets. It began with an idea a long time ago and then brought into reality. It is the same with social issues such as civil rights, economic justice, and free immigration. ...

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The Sexual Freedom Project: The Future Depends On Us

(También en Español) As 2011 draws to a close, it is a natural time to pause and reflect on the year that is ending, and look forward to the new year that is opening up before us. What sort of future do you envision, next year and beyond? Do you think things will get better in terms of our politics, our economy, our sexual freedoms? What do you want to change about the future? What role will the Occupy movement, taking place across the country, play in making a better future? How are you personally going about effecting the kinds ...

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