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The Sexual Freedom Project: Conforming is Like a Disease

(También en Español)

Yeah, it takes this kind of courage to answer male privilege.

Have you had experience resisting the box or boxes people try to put you in?

How do trends such as fluidity, pansexuality, and gender queer ideas help society understand itself and become more accepting?

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The Sexual Freedom Project: Identifying Within the Spectrum

También en Español

Will the concept of a gender continuum, a spectrum of all different types of gender expression, neutralize the traditional binaries?

How does sexual orientation relate to gender expression?

How will more gender individuality affect our sense of community so deeply rooted in the binary paradigm?

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The Sexual Freedom Project: Wellness

(También en Español)

How does exploration of sexual freedom affect you and help you ask for, and get, what you need? Is it a feeling of wellness that can’t be denied?

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Video edited by Tiye Massey.