Op-Ed: Culturally Inept Policing Schools Criminals

Photo by Adam Fagen Flickr/creative commons

In our grassroots work in Washington, DC, 3 years ago, we discovered a sad reality that persists. Police training and code, cultural competency training, with additional Special Orders pertaining to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans (LGBT) people, and the country's most long-standing and extensive human rights protections for the LGBT community were not enough to rid the police force of homophobes and transphobes. While there are many good policemen, this substantial group cannot not be persuaded to put their personal feelings second to enforcing the law, actually doing their jobs. In fact, some are perpetrators of crimes against the communities they were assigned ...

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List of Organizations Working on Income Inequality

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Inequality-Related Organizations and Institutions We've spent the last few days tweeting and writing on this website to draw more people's attention to the scourge of income inequality. There's really no time to spare. Rectifying income inequality is the one and only solution to rescuing our failing economy, but it is also a matter of life and death. We published a list of wealthy and powerful folks who understand the problem and what needs to be done who can be tapped as resources, sponsors, and donors. Today, we are publishing this ...

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Nov 17 Transgender Day of Action Poster Available

We hope you will lift this poster and put it up on your website or blog, where you work, play, and live. The direct action planned for November 17 is in conjunction with the DC Transgender Day of Remembrance to follow on November 20. We are getting the word out and hope that anyone in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area will come to speak in unison with transgender activists and allies who want to stem the explosive rate of violence and unsolved murders in our nation's capital. The Day of Action is being organized by DC TLGB Police Watch, ...

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