Woefully bad news for Mothers and Children

US Coast Guard/Wikimedia Commons

Save the Children Report Ranks Best and Worst Places to Be a Mother: U.S. Drops to 31st . . .   If you read this report, can you not be radicalized by its findings? Countries faring the worst were those affected by humanitarian crises . . Worldwide, more than half of all maternal and child deaths occur in areas made more fragile by conflict and disasters.  If you are an American, can you not be saddened and embarrassed that in just 15 years the U.S. has fallen from the top five in women's health to 31st? Since 2000, the risk that a ...

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Engineered stem cells seek out, kill HIV in living organisms

(También en Español) News of Note: Engineered stem cells seek out, kill HIV in living organisms (Medical Xpress) -- Expanding on previous research providing proof-of-principal that human stem cells can be genetically engineered into HIV-fighting cells, a team of UCLA researchers have now demonstrated that these cells can actually attack HIV-infected cells in a living organism. Sexually transmitted diseases are an unfortunate, but very real obstacle for the sexual freedom movement, one that often reinforces fears and insecurities that lead to further sexual repression. While many people think of HIV as an "incurable" disease, that may not always be the ...

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